Sexual assault in Zamora: One year in prison for every kiss on the mouth

Zamora Provincial Court handed down the sentence two years Prison sentence for a man named SSR sexual assault. The events took place on the following dates: Fireplace on a farm Morales del Vino, when the girl is underage 15 years I took riding lessons shot. dismounting instructor given two kisses inside mouth without your consent.

This morning Tuesday celebration verbal appearance In the Zamora Provincial Court, the defendant faced a period of imprisonment for these events. crime sexual assault crime due to the events that occurred witnesses more than the concerned minor and adult. The accusation was therefore based on: expression from the little ones.

However, an agreement between financial and lawyer lawyer has led to a compliance accepted by the court and accordingly the request age The Public Ministry’s sentence was reduced to two years, but suspended entrance to prison, conditioned that he will not return in the next three years handle There is no other crime.

The defendant made a defense writer facts and I agree agreement, which pound from having to go to jail. Additionally, the penalty includes an order. distance The victim has been for five years. The fact that the girl is less 16 years This is what aggravated the crime of sexual assault

Source: Informacion


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