Orca found dead after being stranded in the Seine

orca trapped inside Seine He finally appeared dead this Monday, the day after authorities announced his death. intention to slaughter the animal because of him unhealthy

The prefecture of Normandy and Seine-Maritime said in a statement that the animal’s body was found lifeless by a team from the environmental organization Sea Shepherd.

The group reported that the marine mammal’s body was found at 11:48 a.m. We’re watching the body so it doesn’t get hit by a ship that could affect the autopsy. “We are waiting for the team mobilized by the state to recover the body,” he said.Sea Shepherd stated.

Autopsy and investigation

The governor’s office announced its intention to release the animal on Sunday.

Image of Orca’s tail stranded in the Seine. Reuters

As early as Monday, he announced that the animal would be towed to the banks of the Seine and that “lifting devices will be installed so that veterinarians and biologists can do this.” specialists will perform an autopsy and sampling operations to gather as much information as possible and try to determine the causes of this orca’s loss and death”.

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