Broto crime case: killer assures victim of sexist violence and defends himself

He had never claimed to be a victim before. sexist violencebut this Monday, Daniela Valencia Guevara reassured the defendant by sitting opposite him on the bench. For killing his emotional partner Geovanny, 28, with four stab wounds to the chest. A the crime occurred on February 14, 2020 inside sprout This young woman is serving the 20 to 25 years in prison the charges demand. defense claims acquitted in full defense of insurmountable fear.

During a statement in which the accused repeats his words “out of fear” and “panic” in the presence of the popular jurors formed at the Huesca County Court, This 24-year-old woman admitted to killing him but defended herself.

Noting that he realized he was attacking himself, he said, “He took the knife from the kitchen, took my sweater and had my back turned to him when he put it on my neck.” “I asked him not to please, but he gave me some holes,” he insisted, adding: “I’ve never been so scared as that day. He wasn’t right.”

Without further explanation, the two were in front of each other and managed to “forcelessly” snatch the 27-centimeter knife from Giovanny (forensic experts did not observe any defensive injuries). “I buried the knife in Giovanny. At that moment I thought I had killed him. It fell to the ground, I stayed at home there, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t believe what I went through, what I went through, what I did,” he said. He then washed himself, though not all at once, with the same murder weapon and wound himself in the chest, as he also tried to jump while escaping after the crime, as he explains.

A murder that frames Geovanny at a time when she’s “out of her mind” with jealousy. “He told me I was a whore, that I did the same whenever he had the chance, that I was unfaithful to him.” Daniela Valenzuela confirmed, adding that she spat on him and banged on the door.

The victim and the accused are in the joint photo. /EP

Some statements that surprised the prosecutor, as neither the Civil Guards nor the Court of First Instance and Boltaña’s Single Directive did not mention Giovanny’s malicious intent. “He was a very impulsive, very aggressive person and was out of his mind that day, but other times he would hold my arms tight and push me away when he didn’t like something. They weren’t beaten, but if he slapped me and I always proved him right,” she explained. She also recalled seeing him accuse her of going to a birthday party a week ago and insisting she insisted not to go. She took my mom’s car keys and because she gave them to her.. “I went to his house to get the keys, got angry, took the clothes from the closets and tore them with a knife.” Some incidents on February 6, eight days before the murder, in which the Civil Guards analyzed kitchen knives, and after all that time, they found textile fibers in the gun.

“I wanted to go to heaven with Geovanny, I never wanted to hurt him. It was the circumstances that led me to it” Daniela Valencia said of the letter she wrote after the crime and before she was arrested by the Civil Guard the next day. According to him, she did it to admit what happened.

“I wanted to go to heaven with Giovanny, I never wanted to hurt him. It was the circumstances that led me to it”

The defendant explained that the argument started when he took the victim’s cell phone and saw the phone number of the child with whom he was unfaithful in the call log.

The trial continues. There will be expansion.

reconstructing facts Civil Guard It extends until 18:00 on February 14, 2020. Daniela Valencia killed her ex-boyfriend Giovanny at her home, “without the ability to defend and cause immediate death”. The trigger for the attack was a “tantrum” that prompted the alleged 26-year-old victim to decide to end their relationship.

Before the crime was committed, the woman was on the phone with her ex-partner for more than twenty minutes, all the while trying to persuade him to continue the relationship.

On the same day, the victim, who received confirmation that his wife had a second relationship, denied this possibility, so the defendant, who entered the duplex where her boyfriend lived, with some keys in her hand, took two 27-centimeter kitchen knives. and, enraged at the tear, tore several of his clothes. While Daniela Valencia Guevara was still at home, the victim came to her apartment and was attacked in a surprising and sudden fashion. who gave him four knives. The young man with no injuries to his hands was taking off his jacket when he was killed.

The accused was arrested a day later in the town of Yebra de Basa, where he got into the victim’s car after wandering aimlessly on various paths and roads in the area. He confessed in the reconstruction of facts.

The prosecutor demands 20 years in prison for the defendants for these actions., as well as an order to remove more than one kilometer from the victim’s relatives for 10 years after serving the sentence, and a total of 184,300 euros in damages. Private accusation made by, on his behalf, Huesca lawyer Marcos FrancoDemanding a 25-year prison sentence on the grounds that there is an aggravating kinship situation due to the de facto relationship between the accused and the victim.

It also requests a restraining order of more than 500 meters from the victim’s relatives for a period of 10 years after serving the sentence and a total compensation of 239,000 euros.

Defense attorney Mateo Ayala, without specifying the length of punishment to be applied, characterizes the facts as a crime of injury in competition with another of reckless killing, in two forms, serious or less serious, and alternatively deliberate manslaughter. Daniela thinks Valencia has a profile of an abused woman.

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