A capsule containing soil from asteroid Bennu returned to Earth 19:01

A capsule containing soil from the asteroid Bennu, visited by the OSIRIS-REx probe, has landed at a test site in the US state of Utah. This was announced by NASA, which broadcast live. Web site.

“Touch, the journey of millions of kilometers is officially over!” – said the message.

It is stated that the capsule touched the Earth’s surface at 10:52 US East Coast time (17:52 Moscow time). According to preliminary data, the capsule could contain between 60 and 2000 grams of samples collected from the surface of the asteroid.

The ministry also added that it is now necessary to find the capsule, remove it and transfer it to experts for further studies.

September 15 Astronomical Society of America promise They will deliver a soil sample from the asteroid Bennu, which will be delivered to Earth at the end of September. The first soil sample collected in space and brought back to Earth by the United States will be exhibited at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on October 11. Preliminary results from the OSIRIS-REx mission will be presented at a press conference attended by agency leaders and mission representatives.

Before this, a new study by geochemists from the University of Chicago had proven that the asteroid Bennu did indeed mysteriously exist. throws pebbles into space.

Russian scientists before was created Vodka-powered space engines.

Source: Gazeta


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