One year has passed since the victory of Giorgia Meloni, prime minister of a thousand faces

Giorgia Meloni is a survivor. Learn and adapt. Victory in uncertainty. He knows when to go for the jugular of his opponents or when to let them collapse alone, when to defend his own problem. post-fascism background or he may show his more moderate profile, how he will attack his country’s neuralgic systems (barely awakening the fourth estate) and retreat when the power of the internal or external enemy exceeds him. Both within and outside the European Union (EU). He has demonstrated this since winning historic elections a year ago that made him the leader of the most right-wing governing coalition in Italy since the Second World War. first female head of government of his country.

In the first weeks after the vote, Italy, the powerhouse of the G7 and founder of the EU, was frightening. Meloni’s hasty and aggressive attitude in recent years and during the election campaign, the lack of management staff in his team and his recent alliances with others extremist parties Vox as well as PiS in Spain and Poland pro-Russian positions His political allies had fueled this convulsion.

But that’s when Meloni put his skills to work. Announced to calm the waters most Atlantic sidegave unwavering support to Ukraine and Europe skeptic diluted his positionsThey advocate dialogue with the EU, the institution they say they want to destroy (so much so that their first trip outside Italy was precisely to Brussels). So he passed the first budget bill, and for almost six months had a major disagreement with France over immigration alone (later partially repaired by a ‘confrontational’ meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron). “It’s not as scary as they say“, was heard on the lips of European diplomacy.

Occupy the power

Believable or not, Meloni has only been defeated since last spring with the help of a fragmented opposition. started to want to manage truly to his country. Politics, from the world of work (dealing a devastating blow to unions) to justice and public television, challenging established industries They keep their countries’ institutional and political power in check, directing reforms, approving far-reaching measures (often through decree laws) and occupying more and more territory with virtually no resistance.

“In case RAI Very representative. It’s always the case that with changes in government there are some changes in public television, but in the case of Meloni it was brutal. a big attack“says journalist Susanna Turco, author of ‘Rey Giorgia’, one of the few biographies about Meloni. “To this we must add that Meloni also benefited from the existing media panorama. There are many today more right-wing newspapers “Criticism is much less transcendent than coming from the left,” he explains, adding that this, along with Meloni’s tactics, “allowed changes to be made in a quiet, deceptive way, in a way that did not provoke public outcry.” no antibodies“. That’s also why “Meloni rule like a monarchy (absolute), everything is decided by it, everything revolves around it,” he warns.

This is why his advisors in particular have made (almost superhuman) efforts to establish the idea that Meloni is a leader.conservative”, not “too right” And Do this without stopping talking to the far right core on the far right. “In Meloni there is a combination of the essence of the People’s Europe, which continues to dominate, and an attempt to present himself as the leader of a conservative party,” says Daniela Giannetti, a political scientist at the University of Bologna. This is also seen in relations with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “They need each other and that’s why they got close,” said Giannetti, but added that this could change in the face of next year’s European elections.

Victories and failures

At this stage, Italy’s brothersMeloni’s party remains intact today. first political power from Italy. Specifically, according to the YouTrend/Agi barometer, the first of the autumn, and according to 12 polls conducted by eight different institutes, Meloni’s party receives 28.7% of the votes. Well, A lot in front two main features government partners, League (9.2%) and Forza Italia (7%) also progressive opponentsDemocratic Party (19.7%), Five Star Movement (16.5%), Action (3.8%) and Italia Viva (3%).

A favor that pleased Meloni, who had not yet been shaken by his failures. ‘In the Primitive’, immigration managementThis has not stopped mass departures from the country, as the (for now ineffective) agreement with Tunisian president Kaïs Saïed shows. Or mixed ones too economic difficulties From Italy, whose GDP continues to grow sufficiently (3.7% in 2022 according to the latest Istat forecast) and which in recent months has faced major obstacles in receiving the third tranche of the European recovery plan. All this has increased the lukewarm support in the EU for Italy’s proposal to create a new European sovereign fund for the region’s industrial policy.

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