Leroy Merlin never ceases to amaze us. We already knew that the decoration and reform giant had (almost) everything. From prefab houses to barbecues, fans and air conditioners, swimming pools. Everything will come well prepared for the summer months.


  • Leroy Merlin pools: three removable models for less than 160 euros

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Without a doubt, you will surely remember its pool with sun loungers, as it was a complete revolution. this butterfly pool Its reduced dimensions and avant-garde design did not leave anyone indifferent as it made it the object of desire for more than one person. It is a 2.19 x 2.82 x 0.6 m (width x length x depth) pool with two sun loungers for lounging and resting. You want to cool off because you have to fall into the water. its price 3.199 Euros.

However, they were not satisfied with this, and they created another ideal and luxurious pool. This time, there was no need to do any work to have an imposing glass. With the Mallorca model, this is possible. It is perfect for its simplicity and practicality in terms of design, because you can also install different ladder, table or wicker modules to configure it as you wish. its price 15,399 Euros.

It is a luxury pool that you can set up in your garden without doing any work. LEROY MERLIN

Not convinced by both? Well, here’s another model: QP rectangular steel detachable pool.

It is an original spanned pool made of galvanized steel, measuring 3.7×2.2×0.95 meters. methacrylate glass that allows you to see inside the glass. It has a sand treatment plant with a filtration flow of 7 cubic meters per hour. The volume of water in this pool is 5.7 cubic meters.

It has four steps, two inside the pool and two for access to the pool. Luxury and elegance in your garden 11,495 €. If it seems a little small, you have two other models that are larger but also more expensive. The first one measures 4.2×2.2×0.95 meters and costs 12.495 Euros, while the other 4.7×2.2×0.95 meters are priced at 13,995 Euros.

Inoperative swimming pool Leroy Merlín | This model is methacrylate glass and has two steps. LEROY MERLIN

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