Colombia’s largest city, Cali, is under threat from severe forest fires 15:05

Severe forest fires in Colombia threatened the city of Cali, which has a population of approximately three million. This was reported by El País.

According to the source, large-scale forest fires were recorded in the Altos de Menga area in the northern part of Cali. The fires were so intense that city officials had to appeal to the townspeople for help.

While local officials say about 95% of such fires are caused by humans, the mayor’s office urged residents to help find those responsible. A reward of 50 million pesos was announced for valuable information on this topic – this is about 280 million rubles.

The source states that the fire caused serious damage to Cali’s flora and fauna and also endangered the lives of local residents. 100 people from the volunteer fire department, as well as firefighters from Yumbo, civil defense and the Red Cross, participated in extinguishing the fire.

previously scientist named The main source of forest fires in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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