Popova evaluated the situation regarding measles in Russia 12:10

Rospotrebnadzor President Anna Popova said that the situation with the spread of measles in Russia is under control. His words lead the way RIA News.

“The measles situation is under control. The healthcare system and the Rospotrebnadzor system are coping with it,” Popova noted.

According to him, currently diseases are recorded only among the unvaccinated population.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor said that an increase in the incidence of this disease is noted every 4-6 years, so cleaning vaccination is carried out in the country.

Popova emphasized that the immune layer in Russia is “quite serious.”

Previously reportedThe incubation period of measles lasts one to two weeks from the moment of infection, after which symptoms appear. Maria Vorotyntseva, a pediatrician at the RZD-Medicine children’s clinic, talked about this in an article by socialbites.ca. According to the doctor, on the third to fifth day, specific rashes may appear on the mucosa of the cheeks and even on the gums.

used to be a doctor saidHow to properly lower a child’s fever?

Source: Gazeta


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