Russian military stops Kiev’s attempts to carry out terrorist attacks against Russian targets 11:53

At around 10:30 am (Moscow time) on September 22, Russian military personnel stopped an attempt by Ukraine to carry out a terrorist attack with air-launched guided missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles against targets on the territory of the Russian Federation. me on this one telegram channel It was reported to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Mission air defense systems on the western coast of the Crimean peninsula detected and destroyed a Ukrainian guided missile and two aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles,” the Russian defense ministry said.

Before that, the Ministry of Defense announced tonight that Russian air defense systems was shot Two unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces are over Russian territory.

On September 21, the ministry announced that Ukraine undertook An attempt to attack objects on the territory of the Russian Federation using UAVs. As a result of the air defense operation against the Black Sea and Crimean territories, 19 Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed. A drone was also shot down in the Kursk, Belgorod and Oryol regions.

Previously in Russia was created new drone suppression system.

Source: Gazeta


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