A woman arrested in Mallorca who abused her four children aged 3 to 14

this National Police stoped Palma de Mallorca to a spanish woman He routinely mistreats his four children, ages 3 to 14.. The victims taken insults and aggression and, according to the investigation, it was neglected. Some are even out of school. The case arose because one of the minors explained with the intention commit suicide.

The children’s condition was discovered last Thursday afternoon, as announced by the National Police on Sunday. A call to 091 warned that a minor wanted to commit suicide. A patrol from the National Police Citizen Security Brigade toured the scene.

There they contacted the girl’s 18-year-old older sister. From what they said, the little boy wanted to call his father and tell him this. she didn’t want to continue living with her mother And he said he was going to commit suicide.

Agents learned that the couple’s four young children, ages 3, 4, 10 and 14, have been living with their mother since the parents separated. All have been mistreated by woman. They were neglected and not one of them even went to school.

According to research, two older brothers would take over from the little ones and do the household chores, because her mother was away for a long time.

The woman addressed them as follows: insult and humiliation when you get home and physically attacked them several times.

Gathering all this information, the patrol transferred the little one to the police station, where the Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM) launched an investigation. The representatives wrote complaints, took statements from many people in the family environment, and took various steps to clarify the facts. Police added.

Eventually, the police took the woman into custody. water seller bad treatments in the family. The suspect, who was taken to the Palma Police Department, was taken to the police station for questioning.

Source: Informacion


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