Judge blocks Luis Lorenzo’s aunt’s inheritance as more evidence gathers

relatives Elizabeth Suarez and many neighbors were convinced his money and property are behind the woman’s death, possibly by poisoning.. And it seems the judge is too, because he protects blocked the inheritance left to the deceased’s nephew, Aranzazu Palominoplayer’s partner louis lorenzoBoth were arrested a few days ago and later released on charges without a passport and having to appear in court every week.

While the blockade of the legacy is still active, the Civil Guard continues to gather evidence to discover whether it was a crime, as the family suspected, or accidental, as those under investigation claim. at least for completely unrelated reasons. But what legacy? The victim’s brother, José María Suárez, told this newspaper: have 60,000 euros in a checking accountUnknown amount of money at a certain maturity, a circle Degree (Asturias) and a few rustic farmsAccording to the inhabitants of the area, it has little economic value.

Signed by the 85-year-old deceased it will be just a few months before his death Declaring her niece the universal heir raises the suspicions of the relatives and neighbors of Isabel Suárez, who died on 28 June last year at her niece’s home in Madrid, where she had been staying since the beginning of March. Isabel’s brothers were convinced of this. allegedly “abducted” because she stopped calling and answering calls. They didn’t know more about him until they saw his obituary.

It was definitely the woman’s brother who denied the allegation that she had been abducted at the Grado Court and requested an autopsy on the body. This request caused the funeral to be postponed for twenty-four hours.

Isabel Suárez’s family’s suspicions were cleared just days ago, when they finally learned of the autopsy results (until then the summary remained confidential). Forensic analysis, on Isabel’s body… abnormally high concentrations of two heavy metals: cadmium and magnesium. Before the judge, Aránzazu Palomino categorically denied any involvement in her aunt’s death, raising the possibility that the poisoning was caused by poorly condition food or drugs. He argued that they took care of the woman during his stay in Madrid and that the two were very close. Actor Luis Lorenzo accepted his right not to testify.

Source: Informacion


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