Have you ever wondered why to you dog he doesn’t like tv from people? The reason for this is perception What do we have in our four-legged friends from TV? very differentbecause they they are much more sensitive to movement we perceive things at 75 images per second and we at 30, so our tv is so boring for them.


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For all this, they tell us from the Consumers and Users Organization (OCU): DOG TVA project born in Israel in 2009 and available today at: many countriesbetween them, Spain.

What is DOGTV?

It is a platform developed by experts what are you looking for entertaining and comforting dogs or get used to certain environments and sounds. This includes wide variety of programs with recreational areas that encourage fun, even the series!


OCU, in a press release, wide range of reactions after a test with several dogs. It seems like you won’t always have to fight hairs for control of the TV, there have been cases where they reacted well and had fun, and others passed.

Therefore, we recommend try free youtube channels with content created solely and exclusively for dogs, find out what their reaction will be and if it is really worth buying this product.

Does it work for cats too?

Well, the answer is easy: no. Cats get bored with TV more than dogs. exceptional if its a favorite hunt like birds, squirrels, which can sometimes be played on the TV screen to catch them.

No entertainment program for cats istock

Cat videos? Thousands and beautiful. Videos for cats? No news platform or channel for thembut there are thousands of videos on YouTube of birds or mice posing on tree branches in natural settings that may be of interest to felines.

How much money does it cost?

can be found at: two price modes:

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  • The monthly fee is 8.19 Euros per month.
  • The annual fee is 69.69 Euros.

Anyway, a three-day free trial Before buying the product, before investing money, it is excellent to know the reaction on our dogs.