Children who tend to ruminate are more likely to suffer from depression in adulthood PsyPost: High cognitive ability in a child increases the risk of depression 17:51

German scientists from the Berlin Medical School (MSB) conducted a study and found that children who tend to think and analyze everything are more likely to experience depression in adulthood. It turns out that children often become stuck in anxious thoughts, problems, or negative emotions after incidents of emotional abuse by their parents. Constantly analyzing your behavior and the behavior of your parents activates the child’s cognitive abilities, but at the same time creates a large mental load. In this respect reports PsyPost.

72 people diagnosed with depression participated in the study. Depression is a serious mental health disorder characterized by persistent sadness, apathy, and loss of interest in life. The subjects completed tests to determine their emotional state, as well as a survey in which scientists analyzed their childhood traumas. Participants who reported experiencing emotional turmoil in childhood were more likely to engage in anxious thoughts and reported feeling a strong sense of hopelessness.

The authors of the study stated that there are two forms of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse occurs when a caregiver or parent intentionally tells the child that he or she is unwanted, insults him or her, and raises his or her voice. Emotional neglect is a form of relationship in which the child’s emotional needs are consistently ignored, belittled, or belittled. Both forms trigger a self-reflection process in the child that is difficult to stop.

It was like that before EstablishedWhat thoughts increase depression?

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