Dual goddesses and giants of rock music in Alicante: Rosy Finch and Le Mur together in concert this Friday

pulse of music source And Metal accelerates Alicante. This Friday, September 22 the Stereo Room will host an unprecedented event: econcert in Alicante rock feelings, Rosie Finch And Le Mur, will share the stage for the first time and will make an exciting start to the autumn season with a spectacular live show. This show is a combination of grit and talent, raw rock meets metal and grunge, and will undoubtedly be an unforgettable show.

Rosy Finch is playing at home and it’s time to release the songs from her latest EP ‘Seconda Morte’. INFORMATION

Rosy Finch are no strangers to big stages. After a tour that took them to top festivals like Desertfest in London, Kriston Fest in Madrid or Resurrection Fest in Galicia, lAlicanteans return to their country to present their latest EP ‘Seconda Morte’.

Inspired by the poem ‘Divine Comedy’, this production is undoubtedly a source of pleasure for rock, metal and grunge fans. His recent shows have received notable critical acclaim, highlighting his onstage rage and “pure rage”, his ability to create “crazy skies” with a palette of clear and disturbing sounds.

Le Mur comes from Murcia with the weight of a titan and sweeps away his second album ‘Caelum Invictus’ INFORMATION

On the other hand, Le Mur from Murcia brings the powerful sound of their second album ‘Caelum Invictus’ This was described as a sign of a new “strong maturity” for the band, and also represented a new departure for the band after six years since their debut LP ‘El Brote’.

After presenting this all over the Spanish lands, it was time to celebrate it in style in the Levantine lands.

Concert in Alicante: Rosy Finch and Le Mur join forces at Sala Stereo INFORMATION

The legendary Sala Stereo will open its doors at 22.00 for this concert in Alicante and start the musical magic at 22.30.. This Friday, rock and metal fans will organize an unmissable event where punctuality will be rewarded with the full experience of an event that promises to be legendary, featuring two international-class bands.

Tickets: €10 (€12 at the box office).

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