this in the plants They are more fashionable every day as a decorative element. Instagram and Pinterest are overflowing with millions of photos every day. natural plants and flowers. If you are a follower of these social networks, you must have seen many images of the plant we will talk about today. about Monstera Adansonii, a plant that is very easily recognized by the holes that fill its leaves. This feature also herb Swiss cheese.


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Exactly this feature Monstera Adansonii Somebody floors more exotic you can have anywhere corner of your home. It’s even ideal for placing in the bathroom or kitchen. we will tell you All the secrets about Monstera adansonii and the care it needs.

Monstera adansonii is a tropical plant that needs a lot of moisture. pixabay

Similarities and differences between Monstera deliciosa and Monstera Adansonii

this Monstera Adansonii It belongs to the same family as Monstera deliciosa, one of the most common indoor plants in our homes. The similarities are obvious, but they also have differences. The main difference between the two is the holes that fill the leaves of Monstera Adansonii and make it unique and special.

Monstera Deliciosa grows much faster than its cousin brother and can reach a much larger size. this Monstera Adansonii is slower and smaller.

Monstera deliciosa does not have holes in the leaves like Monstera adansonii. pixabay

Both monsteras are climbers and can develop aerial roots that need to be kept moist for healthy plants.

How to care for Monstera Adansonii?

so you monster adansonni You must consider the care you need to grow healthy and strong at home.

This tropical plant is used to growing under large trees in its natural habitat, so it likes partial shade. However, the best place to place it at home would be a well-lit but not direct sunlight.

We have said before that it likes moisture very much because it is a tropical plant. Ideally, you should spray its leaves with water almost daily to make the plant feel at home.

Monstera adansonii will be beautiful in any corner of your home pixabay

This plant does not withstand the cold very well, so you need to protect it, especially in winter. Place in draught-free areas away from windows. In the summer, you can place it closer to the window. The ideal temperature for its development is 21 degrees.