CSIC protocol against sexual harassment provides transfers to protect victims

The Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) is the main Spanish public institution dedicated to research, bringing together 121 centers across the country and more than 13,000 employees. In addition to the equity plan, There is a protocol against sexual harassment and intervention Therefore in case of complaint. María del Carmen Fernández VázquezCanguesa, 43 (resident of Bueu), filed a complaint against a colleague, at least through judicial means. Oceanographer working as a waiter on a CSIC ship García del CidThe woman returned to work on September 4 and She had to share the same space with the man she accused of sexual harassment. He has been missing since last Sunday, when the boat was about twenty miles off the coast of Gandía (Valencian Community).

The articles of this intervention protocol include: “Commission for Combating Sexual Harassment [del CSIC] It may recommend, with justifications, any other precautionary measures it deems appropriate to prevent the possible mobility of the affected persons and further harm to them.” Institution sources They did not clarify FARO DE VIGO, of the group Iberian PressIf they respond to Carmen Fernández’s request not to share the boat with the man she reported -HE García del Cid Its length barely exceeds 37 meters. Yesterday a spokesman justified the CSIC’s silence on the instructions of the Civil Guard in charge of the investigation.

The institution justifies its silence with the instructions of the armed institute

In the same protocol, it was determined that “intervention will be made and special compensation will be paid in order to prevent the continuation of the alleged harassment situations and to establish appropriate protective measures, taking into account the possible physical and psychological consequences that may arise from this situation.” Attention should be paid to the complainant’s work or academic conditions.” The missing woman, the mother of three young children, said As a result of this reported sexual harassment behavior, he took an extended period of medical leave.. He was appointed García del Cid He had been asked to return to the ship since 2018 and for the last time last July.


The Civil Guard puts forward three hypotheses about the reasons for the disappearance: voluntarily thrown overboard during the night, provoked or even murder. A personal notebook was found in Carmen Fernández’s cabin, which sources around her described as a diary of sorts. Here he would describe the extreme anxiety caused by sharing the same space with the man he reported to.his performance in the institution has not been surpassed.



In order to guarantee the protection of the persons involved in this process and after having heard them, the Commission against sexual harassment may propose, with justification, the possible mobility of the persons affected and any other precautionary measures it deems appropriate in order to prevent further harm. damages.”


“The complainant will be protected in terms of work or academic health and safety, and intervention will be made to prevent the continuation of the alleged harassment and to establish appropriate protective measures, taking into account the possible consequences.” Paying attention to both physical and psychological conditions resulting from this situation and paying special attention to the complainant’s work or academic status.”


“In general, this Protocol shall apply to all personnel carrying out their activities in the CSIC, regardless of the place where the services are provided and without any distinction as to the legal nature of their connection with the CSIC (career civil servant personnel, casual or casual). intern; permanent or temporary staff; temp; interns; foreign service personnel, etc.) and the duration of this relationship.

Source: Informacion


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