“One Piece” and the legend of cursed adaptations

netflix He successfully completed the first voyage of one of the new flagships used to navigate the turbulent waters of the rivers. HE Pirate King He sat on the throne to begin a long reign. Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates are on a quest legendary treasure They came to stay. A piece The series, which has already been renewed for its second season, is already one of the most watched series according to the platform and has reached the level of big hits such as Stranger Things and Wednesday. The new series adapts to the real image The manga has the title of being the most read manga in history. and it accumulates more 500 million copies soldWhile adapting The anime has now surpassed a thousand episodes., in a story that has no end in sight and doesn’t seem to be showing signs of exhaustion. Fans of the anime alone had more than enough foundation for the series to be a success, but it was also the perfect gateway for new audiences for whom the length of the original story made it a bit lazy to spend a day before getting into it.

Netflix’s job hasn’t been easy. That’s because the platform has had other failures with adaptations of great anime hits. That’s what happened in the now forgotten movie death Note This attempt, which aimed to lay the foundations of a new and successful franchise in 2017, disappointed everyone. A more recent accident Cowboy Bebop Its cancellation was announced a few days after it was published on the platform, without even waiting for the numbers to rise. With this history, One Piece had all the numbers to be another example of this list of nonsense. have DisneyIt’s been trying to make live-action adaptations of some of the biggest animated movies for years, ending up with mediocre versions of great classics and managing to create some noise when it changes the race of one of its characters. Was there anything more unnecessary than a live-action version? Lion King?

I come from a generation whose first approach to anime was Japanese adaptations. heidi And Frame Saturday afternoon meals only on days when public television is available. Same generation affected Mazinger Z and said he was outraged when the censors took him off the grid. Already in my twenties, I found myself caught up in the Dragon Ball boom (by the way, since we’re talking about the famous live-action anime adaptations, Evolution may be one of the worst series in history) and from time to time I try to enjoy some of the great series of the genre, but I realize there are still many holes in the backlog. With naruto I’ve been making my way through Netflix at my own pace and little by little (I have nothing to do with Dragon Ball, by the way), and I’ve always been curious about One Piece. The long list of episodes was something that made me never see that moment. Those who are interested have it now crunchy, is a great anime streaming platform, but given the success it’s had, I can’t rule out that it’ll be in the big N’s catalog soon. The Netflix adaptation was the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in this expansive universe. Some moments in the first two episodes may distract newcomers who still don’t quite understand the rules of what they’re seeing. However, starting from the third episode, the series manages to fully immerse you in the story and make you wonder what new adventure the heroes will encounter.

It’s not a series that will appeal to everyone. I wouldn’t dare recommend it to anyone who isn’t interested in the world of anime and manga. But as I said, the important thing is to get in. On the other side of the coin, there was a risk that fans of the original series would feel betrayed if they saw that the adaptation was not sufficiently faithful to the original work. And we already know from other series that it has a pretty toxic fandom. What works in animation doesn’t necessarily work in real life. an obstacle that seems surmountable once overcome Eiichiro Oda, The creator of the manga not only gave it his full blessings but was also involved in the production process.

Netflix put all the meat on the grill 144 million dollar budget18 million per episode. Production costs are much higher than Game of Thrones, what a big deal it is today. television blockbuster. The money that stands out on the visual packaging of the product helps us enter a unique fictional universe where we have a fascinating new world to explore.

The title that gives the series its name is how it is known that a legendary treasure was buried centuries ago by the king of pirates.Gol D. Roger. In his last words before being executed, he encouraged everyone to find his treasure. So most of humanity set out in hopes of finding an island in the world. Grand Line chests containing the long-awaited reward that will make them the successors to the title.

When it comes to pirate stories, it is inevitable that the first thing that comes to mind is the pirate saga. Disney Pirates of the Caribbean in which Johnny Depp played Captain Jack Sparrowbut there is none of these. The manga was released years before the release of this other blockbuster. Rather, the effects should have been sought in the video game Monkey Island left the factory george lucas In fact, the name of the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy is a very clear reference to this other saga. Captain Luffy is almost Guybrush Threepwood, A good-hearted pirate who sees flying the Skull flag as a fun adventure in his quest for freedom. The biggest difference is that while Threepwood is quite incompetent, Luffy is a leader you will follow without hesitation. It could be pure and innocentwith phrases like “fight for your dreams” that sound like they were taken from a book Paulo Coelho, but not stupid. And he will fight to the death to protect his friends, even if it puts himself in danger. Flour selection Iñaki Godoy Interpreting this is shocking at first. Maybe I didn’t imagine it like this. But the young actor makes you see him as Luffy.

dressed a straw hat, sandals and trousers with rolled up sleeves Another of his main characteristics, almost down to his knees, is that he is talented. stretch out like gum. It’s like a superhero movie. Like the pirates he encounters, some of them have terrifying powers and look like they came straight from the rogues’ gallery. Batman anyone Spider Man. There is someone who reminds me joker and another with a shark face. However, instead of being in an urban environment, we find ourselves in a completely imaginary time and place, on the high seas. It’s like Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the Seven Kingdoms of Game of Thrones, or the galaxy far away from Star Wars.

One piece adventure in its purest form. From the series that I watched with my family and found things that I thought would add to me. Our flag means death. But I couldn’t connect with the humor of the pirate television comedy he sponsored. Taika Waititi inside HBO. And the references and tributes to Guybrush were also abundantly clear in this one. The film’s hero was a landowner named Stede Bonnet, who abandoned his family, mansion, and fortune in a midlife crisis to become a captain of pirates. By the way, he’s just as clumsy as Guybrush and a little older.

Throughout this first season, we learned how Luffy recruited his crew, each of their backstories, and what their motivations were. We are presented with a gallery of villains. Some have already been defeated. Others are at a much higher level than our heroes, so they must continue training to surpass them. Meanwhile old enemies straw hat pirate They form alliances to take revenge. we attended The foundations of a large construction are being laid It aims to be one of Netflix’s great series. Audiences predict it will have a long life, though not as long as its animated predecessors. But the goal is for it to be an equally fascinating adventure.

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