‘3:10 train’, ‘Password’ and ‘Lucy’ compete for the audience today

Tonight at 22.35. one TVE broadcasts3:10 train‘. Dan Evans is the owner of a small ranch in Arizona and a Civil War veteran who agrees to overcome his financial difficulties to accompany dangerous outlaw Ben Wade to the train that will bring him to justice. But soon a dramatic psychological battle ensues between the two men as the outlaw’s friends try to free him and the Indians ambush them.

antenna 3 to be published tonightPassword‘ at 22:10. The couple, consisting of a contestant and a celebrity guest, competes with another couple with the same characteristics. The aim of the competition is to guess the secret words and passwords that only one member of the couple knows.

Scarlett Johansson, the protagonist of the Four

Four emitsLucy‘ at 22:00. Lucy, a young woman forced to work as a mule for a powerful new drug, suddenly gains immense supernatural powers when her drug bag ruptures and the drug comes into contact with her body. His brain then begins to increase in usability until it is 100% usable and transforms into a deadly machine with extraordinary abilities.

Kenneth Branagh dresses like Poirot at Telecinco

Telecinco I bet you ‘death on the Nile‘ at 22:00. Based on Agatha Christie’s novel published in 1937. “Death on the Nile” is a mystery thriller directed by Kenneth Branagh about the emotional chaos and deadly consequences of obsessive love. Belgian detective Hercule Poirot’s vacation to Egypt on a dazzling steamboat is interrupted by the capture of a murderer when the perfect couple’s idyllic honeymoon is tragically interrupted.

sixth emitsresearch team‘ at 22.30. ‘City Guard’s fault’. This week’s show analyzes the crime of City Guard agent Pedro Rodríguez, who appears to have been burned in his car. His partner and the young woman’s ex-lover are in prison on murder charges.

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