‘Grand Prix’ grand finale vs ‘LQSA’ return

Tonight at 22:35 at La 1, TVE is broadcasting the grand finale of the ‘Grand Prix’. Andalusians from Alfacar and Castilian-Leoneses from Aguilar de Campoo compete in the grand finale of the venue, where actor and director Eduardo Casanova and his band Camela cheer in their stands. A decisive program in which the winner of the most intense and entertaining competition of the summer will be determined. Ramón García presents this season’s familiar games and new ones, including the fearsome Niko dinosaur. At the same time, the ambassador of the towns, Michelle Calvó, accompanies and encourages the mayors in the stands. Meanwhile, Cristina López, better known as Cristinini, is in charge of broadcasting the matches from her booth. In addition, Wilbur adds comedy to this new episode, irritating the contestants while keeping the Grand Prix spirit as always, until the show’s new heifer is finally revealed.

On Antena 3, ‘Hermanos’ airs tonight at 22:45. Asiye realizes that Emel has disappeared and goes to look for her with Ömer. Later, after searching, they discover that he is in the orphanage. Meanwhile, those who go to the party at the club are poisoned by the expired meat that Akif bought. Meanwhile, Şengül has to stay in the hospital and Ahmet fires Akif and the cook. Later, Gönül gets jealous when Orhan spends time in the hospital taking care of Sengül. Also, Aybike and Asiye are still angry. In the end, Ömer has to do business with Sarp, and Doruk learns that it was Berk, not Asiye, who started gossiping about him.

Cuatro is making the premiere of the new season of ‘Volando voy’ at 10:50 PM. ‘Belmonte (Cuenca) World Medieval Fighting Championship’. In the season premiere, the program heads to the town of Belmonte, where the World Medieval Fighting Championship is held, which has mobilized thousands of fans from all over the world.

Telecinco is betting on the new season of ‘La que se avecina’ at 22:00. The residents of Mirador de Montepinar, whose homes have been expropriated, enter a new phase as residents of the building located on Calle Contubernio 49, an exclusive and central property in the heart of the city. Likewise, Antonio Recio regains his freedom after serving his sentence and paying his debt to society. His wife, Berta, is waiting for him outside the prison; here she guides him to his new life in the center of the city and informs him about what happened in his absence. Meanwhile, Amador, who went bankrupt after spending the expropriation money, struggles to move on. Immersed in a gray existence, the man regains his illusion after meeting an attractive neighbor he’s trying to win over. Fermín helps Bruno’s neighbor across the street discover the secret of a mysterious woman with a disturbing past. At the same time, Yoli, who tripled her weight, is ashamed of her enormous silhouette and tries to hide her excess weight from her neighbors, and this happens to her mother Menchu.

laSexta is broadcasting ‘Bloodshot’ at 10:30 PM. Ray Garrison, also known as Bloodshot, is being resurrected using nanotechnology by the company Rising Spirit Technologies. Trying to regain his memory, Ray tries to go back to the way he was before the accident that left him with amnesia. Movie based on the comic book “Valiant” created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton.

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