Between circular economy and robotization

circular economy and robotization this week’s epicenter of packaging fairs backpack and printing chart sheetIt is held in Barcelona until Friday. 35,000 professionals are expected to attend the halls of Gran Via de. Fira Barcelona as a clear sign of the recovery of activity, but among the signs of restrained common sense. This is a sector that has had to undergo transformation with legislative changes that should translate into an increase in investment. Uncertainties caused by rising prices, regulations affecting return and refund systems, ‘tax’packaging‘ promotion of plastic, reusable, bulk or recycled materials. But all this in the context of inflation and higher cost of supplying raw materials such as cardboard, plastic, metals, glass or wood. The perfect storm requires investment, and companies present at the show present their products for consumer brands to express their desire for growth through new technologies.

in total 725 direct participants With 1,500 brands represented from twenty countries, it’s a showcase of possibilities to win over consumers. In chart sheet The qualitative splash of multi-colored prints is especially noticeable on fabrics. The graphics industry has made the transition in recent years to complete the digitization of not only machines but also workflows and materials. Digital printing is flexible and the right machine is the difference between profit and loss.

Packaging formats at the Hispack fair in Barcelona. Ricard Cugat

In the case of backpack, what was appreciated at the fair is the impact of the emergence of the small-format robot and the unstoppable trend of circularity. By 2035, 65% of municipal waste needs to be recycled. Up to 10% of these can be taken to landfills. As a result, the next decade requires investment, packaging design improvements.reuse of containers, ecological labels, new materials, waste collection systems and reverse logistics.

Carmina CastellaResponsible for grouping the ‘packaging’ sector of the International Association of Industrial Companies Amec, said, “The key challenges of the industry include sustainability, automation and digitization and traceability is industry 4.0. Hispack offers new technologies. These challenges are: one that works very flexibly and always responds to changes in market demand. machines that adapt; technology with machine performance monitoring and lower energy consumption for greater productivity” .

jordi bernabeuThe Hispack president thinks that “the container and packaging industry is more than ready to respond to any industry that demands sustainable packaging solutions.” For Xavier Pascual“Packaging can be a huge catalyst for innovation in the industry, not just at the product development level,” the Hispack director said.

View of the Hispack show in Fira de Barcelona.

During the halls there will be more 180 conferences With nearly 300 speakers, exhibitions, business meetings, reception of international delegations or founding assemblies. Heroes and vectors of industrial change imposed to defend the environment.

Practical example of PcComponentes

A practical example of the developments presented during the fair has been published these days. Computer ComponentsA leading e-commerce firm in the sale of electronic products, reports the inclusion of new packaging technologies that will make it more efficient. Specifically, it’s a change that accelerates shipments through the acquisition of technology. CMC Carton Wrap. This system, which succeeds in producing special boxes according to the size of the product to be sent, reduces cardboard consumption by up to 50% and plastic consumption for filling materials by up to 90% without affecting the safety of the content. By optimizing the box sizes, the number of orders that can be transported on the same truck was increased by up to 40%, contributing to fuel savings and reducing the carbon footprint. PcComponentes can manage 900 boxes ready to be delivered to the customer every hour, which means optimizing half of their orders through this system and better responding to the peaks in demand that occur during large-volume commercial campaigns like Black Friday. or PCDays.

Last year, the packaging industry in Spain €29.75 billion, 4.37% of the turnover of the Spanish industry and 2.65% of the GDP. The sector consists of approximately 3,180 companies, mostly SMEs, employing 113,000 people. 72% of companies issue invoices under five million Euros. With the pandemic, 2020 turnover decreased by 3.37% compared to 2019.

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