‘Triangle of sadness’ mocks and dazzles the wealthy and beauty cult at Cannes

Winner of the Palme d’Or with ‘The Square’ in 2017, Ruben Östlund seduced once again Cannes With the ‘triangle of sadness’a new satire of the western world mocks the rich, the cult of money and beauty while claiming laughter and lightness.

“We wanted it to be roller coaster It’s fun and entertaining for adults, you have something to watch in a movie theater together and talk about when you leave,” the Swedish director said at his press conference this Sunday.

Östlund in her English-language debut with an international cast that includes American Woody Harrelson Combine the best of European cinema, which is more “intellectual” and given to American cinema.prioritizing fun and entertainment. “We Europeans aren’t good audiences most of the time, we watch the movie seriously, with our arms folded,” the director said, pleased that the audience at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes was cheering for such characters at last night’s preview. as if it were a football match.

Film divided into three partsbegins at a fashion show and ends on a deserted island. The title ‘triangle of sadness’ alludes to the brows that many models have had to hide with Botox as it is not accepted in the fashion industry.

The first episode focuses on several models and “influencers” Carl (Harris Dickinson) and Yaya (newcomer South African actress and model Charlbi Dean). gender roles debate After a dispute about the payment of an account. In this story, as Östlund explains, the world of fashion became her gateway. “Eight years ago I met my wife, a fashion photographer, and she introduced me to that world, and we started talking a lot about how beauty is viewed as a market value and how that can be both glamorous and terrifying.”

The second episode takes place on a luxury cruise ship. There’s Carl and Yaya, but there’s also a cute British couple who manufactures guns, or a Russian oligarch quoting Reagan, a lonely computer entrepreneur. give it to Rolex to make friends. Woody Harrelson, played by Woody Harrelson, a drunken Marxist captain at the front of the yacht, is delighted with the experience, although he has made it clear that he is in fact an “anarchist” and not a communist.

“Working with Ruben was an honor, one of the best experiences of my life. is a teacher“The actor, who has been nominated for three Oscars, can be extremely disturbing and make you think while laughing, it’s a whole journey.”

On the yacht, during dinner with the captain, a storm brings the passengers inside. completely imaginary situations releasing laughter during projection. However, Östlund, who is greatly influenced by his compatriots like Roy Andersson, does not lose his compassionate gaze.

The final episode takes place on a desert island, where the rich have weak talents. practical survival issues He turns the tables on the hierarchy and brings to power Abigail (Dolly de Leon), the Filipino woman in charge of cleaning the bathrooms on the yacht. “It was one of the reasons for me to want to make the movie,” said the actress, adding that “the most disadvantaged of us suddenly find ourselves in power and in such a fun way.”

About her jump to englishÖstlund pointed out that this is the “most logical step” since it is his second language. “As a director, you want to reach as many people as possible,” he said, but at the same time lamented the “Anglo-Saxon dominance” of cinema and the media in general, and admitted that he was worried that the nuances he wanted to convey would be bad. be well understood.

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