Majority support among Europeans to preserve and protect the wolf

The majority of European citizens support the conservation and protection of nature. Kurd. It is the main result of a survey conducted in six European Union countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Finland) aimed at better understanding perceptions and attitudes towards wolves conservation across Europe. Another study of the Andalusian Government reveals that: Two-thirds of the population of Sierra Morena support wolf conservation and conservation.

One of the main results of the questioning of 6,137 people is as follows: Majority support for wolf conservation measuresalso a refuse to be slaughtered under any circumstances.

The result of the survey was rated “very positive” by those responsible for Life Lobo Andalucía, a European project that started in September 2016 and is being developed in the middle east region of the historic distribution region of Sierra Morena. Europe’s southernmost wolf population.

Iberian wolf. Efe

The survey commissioned by the ‘Eurogroup for Animals’ and conducted by the research consultancy company Savanta ComRes, high level of support for wolf protection, especially in Poland, Spain and Italyand one A high level of awareness of the benefits of wolves for your local ecosystem.

Along the same lines is Life Lobo Andalucía, which has been trying for four years to transfer the added value that the wolf can provide for the rural economy to livestock and hunting, the key sectors of its field of activity. The enormous potential of the genre as a cultural resource and tourist animator.

Killing wolves is unacceptable

The European-level survey yields other interesting data:

For the majority of citizens, killing wolves is unacceptable.even when attacking livestock (55%) or to control their population (55%).

86% of people surveyed believe that national governments and the EU Funding and equipping farmers with the tools necessary to protect animals from farm wolf attacks.

–93% agree with this wolves have a right to exist in the wild.

The results of the European survey address priority issues for Life Lobo Andalucía and sought to convey to the local population of the Sierra Morena in Jaen and Cordoba using all available means of communication: the importance of the Iberian wolf as an animal. health policethe need to express effective prevention measures and need to tell the youngest about the Iberian wolfthus promoting the interaction between human activities and the presence of the wolf.

Trophic Graded Chart 02 01 Life Wolf Andalusia

Those responsible for Life Lobo Andalucía highlight: the wolf “feeds on the weakest, sickest, and even dead individuals, thereby promoting the prevention of diseases such as tuberculosis, which greatly affects pets”.

It is also a very important element in maintaining the biological balance of the ecosystems in which it lives as a natural predator of herbivorous ungulates,” they add.

In the same way, it is argued from the European project that living together with the wolf has gone through some stages. fast and fair compensation and with the implementation effective prevention measures such as the use mastiffscnight outuse of electric shepherds And justify the priest’s figure.

health police

Another study carried out in this case by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Andalusian Government revealed that: Two-thirds of the population residing in the Sierra Morena region of Cordoba and Jaen consider this iconic species to be protected so that it does not disappear.while accepting played an important role as a health police And key element in the balance of ecosystems.

50% of the residents of the towns closest to this animal’s habitat completely agree with the existence of conservation plans; this rate rises to 63.05% in the capital Cordoba and Jaén.

An example of an Iberian wolf in the Sierra Morena. Life Wolf Andalusia

The survey report (the latter is conducted by the district manager) reflects the percentage increase in overall perception. Wolf presence declining in Sierra Morena in recent years (about 90% of respondents compared to 80% in 2017).

Clients highlight the wolf’s work as its main benefits. Helps prevent epidemics by eliminating diseased game pieces (30.17%), followed by value as a natural species and third, scientific and cultural interest wolf (in capital letters) and balance that contributes to the ecosystem (in municipalities). Not perceived as a threat to humans in 80%.

Regarding the attitude towards wild animals, the population is a greater ecological and conservation awareness in this second survey. 8.34% of the population consulted in 2020 (compared to 7.26% in 2017) think that human activity should be limited when it affects the survival of a species.

wolf tourist attraction

“The results from this second survey are a result after Life’s development. broad consensus on a positive attitude towards the wolf and its conservationand to limit all behavior that might endanger it (More than 70% opposed the extinction of the wolf in 2017 and 75% opposed it in 2020.)”, says Life Lobo Andalucía.

Only 1.92% of those consulted think no action should be taken in favor of wolf protection.

The option that gets the most mention, create protected areas and hunting bans (44.12% in municipalities and 58.77% in capitals). In municipalities, this option re-entry or release planswhile the capitals prioritize training for farmers.

on time elaborate protection plansthe population continues to donate greater decision-making capacity for experts and biologists (A 87% they believe they should be the ones to lead these actions), Public administration (about 78% believe it should have “quite” or “a lot” impact) and inhabitants of regions with the presence of wolves (73.7% think it is very important to consult their views), more weight in decision making in the livestock sector compared to the hunter group.

in relation to wolf touristpart of the population is indecisive or indifferent, but the majority tend to think so. It improves the image of the region and increases its tourist attraction.. One third of the region’s population thinks that wolves are beneficial for regional tourism.

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