NASA astronauts banned from spacewalks due to leaky spacesuits

NASA is investigating the leakage of water from spacesuit systems to his helmet during spacewalks. About informs space news.

The incident occurred on March 23 during the ascent from the American segment of the ISS NASA astronaut Raja Chari and European Matthias Maurer. After nearly seven hours of spacewalking, Maurer reported that water had accumulated in his visor. The layer was thin and reached a diameter of 20-25 centimeters without posing a direct threat to a person.

In connection with the investigation of what happened, NASA banned spacewalks.

“NASA is investigating the risk of operating aging EMU suits and any premeditated non-vehicle activity is currently prohibited. Susan Helms, a former NASA astronaut and member of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Group, said the ban will continue until the end of the investigation.

According to Dana Weigel, deputy director of the ISS’s NASA program, the investigation has so far found no evidence of water contamination that could be related to the suit’s leakage. However, a detailed examination of the suit is not possible before returning to Earth. The agency plans to drop the EMU from the ISS on SpaceX’s next Dragon cargo mission to the station in early June.

However, NASA does not exclude the possibility of extravehicular activity in connection with a hypothetical emergency. In this case, the water-absorbent pads have already been delivered to the ISS to be placed inside the helmet.

Source: Gazeta


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