Cristina Pedroche gave birth and she became his mother first girl next to you Dabiz Munoz. As ‘Semana’ magazine privately revealed, the presenter was admitted to the Montepríncipe hospital in Madrid on Thursday afternoon, and this Friday at around 4:00 am the little girl they wore a gold brooch to their love of 9 years and that’s what it’s called. laya. Also, she will take the maternal surname first.

This is a fast, natural and uncomplicated delivery, both new mom and newborn are in excellent condition and very excited Cristina and Dabiz are having the most special moments of their lives. Additionally, as the post points out, the Atresmedia server is a different plant maternity To prevent leaks and enjoy your newly released pregnancy with peace of mind.

As Pedroche himself explained in his last public appearance, the delivery via hypnobirthinga technique in which, as he naturally explains, there will be uterine waves, not contractions, thanks to meditation.

This Thursday, the communicator gave a small hint that her birth had begun – we weren’t aware at the time that her daughter’s birth was imminent – posting a black and white picture on her Instagram account boasting about the advanced status of her pregnancy.

“I look at my body and I can’t be more proud of the way we’ve come in these life-creating months. Now we’re ready to accompany your birth, girl. Come whenever you want, we are waiting for you” He wrote.