Carlos Rosado, President of the Spanish Film Commission: “Shooting is no longer concentrated only in Madrid and Catalonia”

At the roundtable to close the ‘Assets’ presentation, the speakers talked about the economic development opportunities in Extremadura and the necessity for the economy to grow. The note of optimism was put by Carlos Rosado, president of the Spanish Film Commission. “When our agency specializing in filming in Spain was born in 2001, 80% of the shooting was done in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where much of the audiovisual industry is concentrated. They represent only 41%, greatly increasing the number of filmings in Spain.. This year, we estimate that direct investment in the film includes €280 million and Social Security contributions of 24 million. At the event held in Badajoz, sponsored by the Spanish Film Commission and JTI, Rosado said that this change in trend and growth is due to the training of internal talent and skilled technicians, which creates greater economy and employment within the country.

From left to right Martí Saballs, economic information manager at Prensa Ibérica; Carlos Rosado, president of the Spanish Film Commission; Manuel Planelles Carazo, Ibercaja’s regional manager for Extremadura, Andalusia and the Canary Islands; Miguel Ángel Leal, CEO of the industrial division of CL Group, and Ismael Clemente, CEO of Merlin Properties. andres rodriguez

On behalf of Fernando Planelles, Ibercaja’s regional manager for Extremadura, Andalusia and the Canary Islands, The key point here is the increasing size of companies in the region. According to Planelles, this is one of the main challenges for the region in the coming years.

Ignacio Gragera is BarreraThe mayor of Badajoz pointed out that work is being done in this direction for young people to choose the community as a place to stay, but there is room for growth: “We have great business references, people do things very well and are very interested. Growing Extremadura’s business influence in other areas”. “We are grateful from Badajoz that there are young people who do things well and create wealth and a future. It is a very kind country because it is a land of opportunity., with a deficit to change. It is also important to improve the transportation infrastructure so that those who do not want to invest can invest.

Mayor of Badajoz Ignacio Gragera andres rodriguez

The council leader believes that “special attention should be paid to education”: “It is difficult for young people to want to stay in Extremadura. We must try to take advantage of the strengths of this land. At the moment mentalities are changing and people want to have a different life project here, We must be prepared so that those who want to return do not lose much.“.

Macroeconomic status conditions

The macroeconomic and credit situation in Spain is complex, following the rapid acceleration of inflation figures and the rise in interest rates of the European Central Bank (ECB). Fernando Planelles Caraz distinguishes between two phenomena: “The big corporate world is indeed making bigger investments. But the self-employed and micro SMEs are more cautious and cautious. Unlike the 2008 crisis, private debt reduced and family and corporate indebtedness decreased“.

Regarding the real estate market, Unicaja’s regional manager acknowledged that the slowdown is already appreciated: “We expect a 15%-20% decline in sales and a 30% decline in the mortgage market.. This is not because businesses have stopped issuing mortgages, but because more of them are paid in cash. We are more positive about the prices, we anticipate they will stay the same or increase slightly.”

Going public is not an option for Spanish companies

He also joined the chat Miguel Angel Leal, CEO of the industrial division of CL Group. The executive admitted that the possibility of going public was virtually closed: “We haven’t discussed it, but if we do, we lose our essence. We are a family business, it’s doing well, it’s doing well. we have the opportunity to continue to grow And We did not think about the medium and long term.“.

Miguel Ángel Leal is CEO of the industrial division of the CL Group. andres rodriguez

Born 42 years ago, this company maintains the mentality of reinvesting all annual beneficiaries to continue growing and has projects in Extremadura that will continue to expand. “One of the things that costs us the most is attracting talent.. This is not just an Extremadura issue.” Miguel Ángel Leal asked the administrations for more convenience in this regard, including improvements in transport infrastructure.

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