Latest Reality Star Tom Cruise Promotes a Massive Rapture at Cannes

Tom Cruise is old enough to be the grandfather of a fighter pilot, but that didn’t stop him from playing the lead.Top Gun: Maverick‘ and not just because still in great shape and glowing skin. A man who has carried the brunt of an entire industry in crisis, and he believes arguably regaining command of a US Army aircraft represents the most important challenge of his career: saving cinema.

“I will never work for a ‘streaming’ platform, because for me movies are something experienced in the community,” he commented hours before, during a meeting with the audience at the Cannes festival on Wednesday. The event hosts the international presentation of the long-awaited sequel. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, who had already worked with Cruise on ‘Oblivion’, a sci-fi drama as brilliant as it was empty, The movie is finally in theaters after postponing its vision date for more than two years. streamed other ‘blockbuster’ films to video-on-demand platforms. Some will no doubt wonder what is needed at this point, but in any case, it’s a movie that won’t disappoint, because it delivers exactly what is expected every time.

‘Maverick’ comes 36 years after ‘Top Gun: idols of the air’ (1986), which refers to flying and roaring machines and the sweaty muscles of men playing beach volleyball that has become one of the most iconic ‘blockbuster’. its ten years. Directed by Tony Scott before the advent of digital effects, long before Hollywood’s obsession with sequels and streaming, it’s like a relic today. The same can be said of fighter pilots in an army dominated by drones and computers, and so there are obvious parallels between the story the new movie tells and the tribute to a dying Hollywood it represents. “The future is coming and you are not in it,” he tells the famous hero at the beginning of the movie.

your best man

But Maverick is still Maverick, just as Cruise is still Cruise. And as they both theoretically return to Top Gun Flight Academy to train a new group of pilots, it’s clear from the start that they won’t be grounded for long, of course. When you have an impossible task to perform, you must turn to your best man.

It’s hard not to understand ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ as a tribute. probably the last real star in Hollywood. In fact, like all films Cruise has released recently, the film works as a testament to the superhuman qualities of both the actor and the protagonists it contains. Alongside Maverick, the cast includes two types of characters: those who simply show their admiration for the pilot’s genius, and those who complain about his tendency to break the rules before surrendering to his genius. . And the veneration attributed to him in the film’s final bars is confined to religious worship.

dazzling numbers

Until then, ‘Maverick’s efforts to appeal to nostalgia continue unabated. The footage of Kenny Loggins playing in the background with the ’80s anthem and Cruise gasping his motorcycle with a smile bright enough to be seen from another planet opens like the first movie. From there, the memorable characters, events, and phrases of its predecessor are likewise recalled; this time yes The homoerotic charge and the chauvinistic impulse seem strangely softened.

In any case, it represents an improvement in every respect –Even Cruise’s teeth are better than they were in 1986– and it’s surprising in one in particular: the aerial acrobatics are absolutely stunning, the kind of scenes that the audience will inevitably wonder how they could have filmed such a thing; and, of course, occupies the third act of the movie inspired by the attack on the Death Star in ‘Star Wars’ (1977). one of the most impressive aerial action scenes ever shot, so compelling and exciting that it not only makes up for – or almost – all the clichés and predictability the movie has been exposed to up to that point; Also, sorry, it manages to restore some of our faith in the magic of cinema.

extreme efforts

Cruise said Wednesday that asking him about the extreme physical exertion he puts into each of his films was “like someone asking Gene Kelly why he was dancing”; in other words, That’s what he feels he came into this world to do. That’s why, like Maverick, he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t listen to anyone who says no to him. He even decided to shoot a movie in space because will do anything to entertain and surprise the public, and to clarify to us the value of a full-fledged cinematographic spectacle in a panorama dominated by ugly digital effects and content seen on small screens – as ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ occasionally offers. If he fails to save the cinema, no one can say that he did not give it his all.

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