Russian forces try to close a small vice in northern Donbas

A big graffitithreatening his defenders Lisikansk To resist at all costs, it welcomes new arrivals in this medium-sized town, one of the last respectable towns of Luhansk province still in the hands of the Ukrainian Army. “Lisichansk, kyiv with you” can be read on a huge wall at the entrance of the connecting road from the west. A dramatic slogan well suited for when the town is about to live: right in this corner of eastern Ukraine army Russia These days, he intensifies his war machine and military efforts after the failures of the failed sieges of Kyiv and Kharkov. Purpose: to close small pliers Giving the Kremlin and its pro-Russian allies full control of the aforementioned Luhansk region, corrected version The Kremlin’s initial plan, announced at the end of March to take control of the entire Donbas region through a deal, is – once again – on the downside. military operation surround

foot steps intense war activity is impregnated to the retina as soon as possible. Donetsk Under Ukrainian control, also in Donbas neighboring border. A large plume of smoke caused by a fire without turning it offrises to the sky from gigantic installations refinery Oil local. Signs, sandbags and supplies from a checkpoint ukrainian army, motionless and doomed, probably because it is too easy a target for the enemy. The route filled with gas stations blown up by the bombings is also earth mounds Y various obstacles, It is designed to slow the progress of any mechanized column. The bombardments here are so intense that even a large factory belonging to the German multinational Knauf Construction Materials Looks like drywall or plaster and looks pristine and in good condition in the morning Journey outhours later, on the way back, it was consumed by a fire No one even tried to turn it off.

This Commander Bulatcommanding a platoon Special Operations Forces Jort (Hound in Ukrainian), one of the Ukrainian troops responsible for defending the city, confirms the proximity of the front line. “We are about seven kilometers “Russian positions” inform the soldier, who prefers not to reveal his rank and give details about his unit. russian offensivemakes your men concentrate to guarantee basic services and block it”panic“Catch those who choose not to leave. But as their words suggest, it is by no means on the table to hand over the population to Russian forces without a fight, repeatedly insisting that they are not alone. Not just to defend, but also to attack.” It’s not about stopping the Russians from coming, we’re here. expand” (Ukrainian-controlled Donbas region), claims in a harsh tone.

extreme and dramatic situation

in Lisichansk, humanitarian situation equal more extreme Y dramatic More than any other city in Donbas near the front. no electricity, Internet anyone Guiltyand population, liquid element queuing in front of tankers distributing water in motion. Groups of citizens took to the streets in front of some shops that have been closed for weeks in the center. onions Y even herbs collect in the field. “Today I managed to sell for 20 hryvnia” (half a euro) explains one of them at lunch time day traders. next to him Ala Ilishevawith his hoodie open vehicle and a small table with a variety of products. He owns a farm and his main product before the war was milk. Now, with the bombings, cigarettes have become a part of them. advertising offer, It is becoming the most requested item.

But the misery of everyday life in Lisichansk is embodied in all its harshness in the basement of each of them. nine-story buildings, where they were installed, almost Three months, thousands of residents who do not want to leave their homes. This fire from Russian positions They have made it a cheap lottery to stay overnight, especially in apartments located on the upper floors, and the only way to sleep peacefully is to do it in the basement. The text “Do not turn on the lights on the landings, you will be a target to shoot” can be read. with chalkon a portal neighborhood. in one of these unhealthy areascandle light, albino kalaga He trains two children, including a ten-year-old girl. “I go out and go to my apartment to wash,” she admits. Without cash inflow after the start of the conflicts, he lost his life. humane aidconsists of “bread, grains and dried meat”. The positive side of this situation – it assures – is that it has been done”Close friend“from your neighbors.

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