Alicante has the first and only innovation center in agricultural packaging

A innovative packagingBased on paper that responds to the needs of supply chains in sectors such as agriculture and industry,Significant savings and increased sales farmers, brand owners, distributors, manufacturers and retailers.

companies like Smurf Kappa they work with their customers.Understand the needs of your supply chains and productsreduce your environmental footprint and optimize your packaging.

How can innovation in packaging help the agriculture industry?

The answer is obvious, don’t packaging improvement suggestions affecting optimal use of the load, maximizing warehouse space and replenishment operations, Optimization of the transport of each shipment, More efficient on-the-shelf availability or improved unboxing results in increased sales.

Smurfit Kappa works to create corrugated solutions tailored to the agricultural industry. Jesus Rods

Smurfit Kappa works every day to save money in its customers’ supply chain and achieves this thanks to its considerable experience in the market, highly specialized professional team, innovative tools and innovation centers such as its headquarters. Pain Experience Centerlocated in the factory San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante). A pioneering and unique center in Europe, dedicated exclusively fresh fruit and vegetable industryenables the company to find solutions by working with each of its fruit and vegetable customers. sustainable packaging optimal and improvement opportunities that add more value to their business and thus reduce the use of plastics.

Innovation to optimize sustainable packaging, improve business and reduce environmental footprint

This innovative residential area was designed to develop more efficient and easy-to-implement solutions, with the aim of enabling the agricultural sector to increase sales, reduce costs and minimize risks. an added value that helps differentiate itself in such a competitive market, thanks to technologies such as 3D Store Visualizera virtual simulation of the linear where the customer can check the designs before manufacture, allowing adjustments to be made prior to production to find the most impressive packaging possible; most Retail Insight Center anyone no box, an interactive touchscreen unit with detailed information about all areas of the packaging. In addition, they work directly with customers through thematic workshops and online or face-to-face training, thereby achieving further optimization of their sustainable packaging. improve your business and reduce your environmental footprint.

In this sense, Smurfit Kappa works in the direction of sustainability with its initiative. Better Planet Packing and Better Planet 2050 commitments, these commitments are in line with the “EU Green Deal” legislative set, whose purpose is to achieve goals. net emissions by 2050 and this conveys the importance of taking measures to reduce the environmental impact of containers and packaging by developing solutions that do not harm our planet.

Sustainable corrugated packaging

Pain Experience Center created corrugated board solutions For the sectors that are important for the Valencian Community, such as citrus, which represents the most important commercial tool for producers and retailers who want to stand out in terms of sustainability, a differentiating element for this product type, which has a citrus character by nature, is the most important factor. biodegradability.

The Goliath tray increases loading efficiency in a sector strategic for Valencia’s economy, from citrus.

The box among the products designed by the Smurfit Kappa innovation center Goliath® It provides excellent stacking compared to other packaging types for citrus, which increases the loading efficiency. innovator P84/13 Double Conical Thanks to its geometry, it emits less CO2 to the environment and produces less waste for more durable tomatoes, cucumbers, citrus fruits, cherries or zucchini. This Safe&Green® tray range for fruit Fully customizable and 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, a robust alternative to single-use plastic, such as strawberries, citrus or grapes. Or box8 automatic It reduces costs and saves labor for bulk products that are 100% assembled on an assembly machine. Don’t forget that it’s patented range of stackable trays P84Adapted to every agricultural product, highly resistant to moisture, keeping freshness thanks to ventilation holes, maintaining load balance and optimizing transportation.

Wide catalog of packaging

It is also worth noting the importance of the company for different industrial sectors where it has a wide product catalog. sustainable references and paper-based alternatives to those that are more harmful to the environment. Among these are those specific to retail, food, personal care or construction.

Smurfit Kappa eCommerce packaging combining practicality, efficiency and sustainability.

without forgetting his commitment to e-commercein addition to protecting the product, it has its packaging, To improve the end consumer’s brand experience. It also designs, manufactures and supplies packaging with sustainable displays and technical papers (moisture-proof, anti-oil, heat-insulating, water-barrier, anti-static,…) from cardboard. high performance they need to meet the challenges found in their supply chains.

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