Discover how to protect what’s most valuable with the “Insurance” event, which you can follow this Friday on the INFORMATION page.

In a world full of uncertaintyIt is becoming more and more important to have adequate protection to protect our lives, health and heritage. Like thisAs INFORMATION and Banco Sabadell present the next event on “Insurance” as part of their “Easy Financing for the Domestic Economy” cycle, forums whose main purpose is to provide up-to-date information on finance in a didactic and accessible way for everyday life.

On this occasion the event -which It will air at 10:00 this Friday. via the BİLGİ website– will discuss the importance of insurance, its essential role in personal and family protection, and how it can guarantee our peace of mind and well-being in all aspects.

Informative and entertaining talk

There will be private participation in the forum. Rosa María Gómez, Director of Insurance for the Eastern Region Sabadell BankExpert in protection needs. Gomez will share it Extensive experience and knowledge in the insurance industryas well as the importance of relying on banks to provide essential aspects of our lives. The speech will be didactic, entertaining and easy to understand and will provide useful information that can be applied in the economic management of the home.

During the event, we will explore the motivations that drive customers to purchase insurance from their parent bank and that this trusting relationship becomes the basis for meeting your protection needs. “Just as we have always relied on banks for our financial needs, we are increasingly relying on institutions to meet our protection needs.», says the expert. In addition, Banco Sabadell significantly exceeds the average percentage of confidence, thanks to its comprehensive approach and unique circumstances.

Rosa María Gómez, Director of Insurance for the Eastern Region of Banco Sabadell.

Basic Protection Needs

At a time when protection and prevention are becoming more important due to the recent health crisisa, Rosa María Gómez will emphasize the importance of having basic insurance such as life and health. With examples and practical advice, we’ll explore how much insured capital is needed and how to tailor coverage to our personal, economic and family needs.

Another highlight of the event was the remarkable growth of private health insurance in recent years. Various customer profiles, from families concerned about their health to young people, self-employed and foreigners residing in Spain, take out private health insurance. The talk will provide an overview Advantages of this type of insurancesuch as urgency in specialized care, freedom to choose a doctor, and prevention through periodic reviews. Also, the audience will be presented lThe best options currently available on the market, tailored to each specific situation.

Digital meeting “Insurance” of the cycle “Easy financing for the domestic economy”.

You can follow the event on the BİLGİ page on Friday, July 7 at 10:00.

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