Unions rebel against lack of coordination between PERTE: “There is no industrial policy”

Unions took action to pressure the government to involve them in the process. industrial policy from the country. They see that as Next Generation EU funds descend, significant resources will be allocated to the industry, which will accelerate the transformation of many companies. However, they do not feel involved in the design of public policies that will have to frame this transformation through PERTE, but fear that they will have to manage the collateral damage such as the layoffs that these transitions will cause. or changes in operating conditions. “There is no industrial policy in our country, […] we only see ‘temporary’ created programs and resources for companies,” explained CCOO industry manager, Garbine Mirror.

The transition from the combustion vehicle to the electric vehicle is one of many transformations the industry sector is currently channeling. It promises a future for the industry, but in the short term it already has negative consequences for some of the workers of manufacturers and component companies. Spain’s reference brand, Seat, has calculated that it needs 3,000 fewer employees among its 15,000-strong workforce at Martorell for the new models. “A lot of uncertainty is created for the working class of this country, and above all for the lowest income earners. They are the ones who are most at risk of losing their jobs during the digital and green transformation we live in.” The secretary general of the CCOO of Catalonia warned, Javier Pacheco.

Just this Tuesday, CCOO convened an assembly of union delegates in front of the Government delegation in Barcelona, ​​seeking to inform and pressure them. ministry of industry thus opening up to greater harmony and coordination. industrial policies. “We demand high-mindedness from the Ministry of Industry, […] We cannot continue in the politics of reaction,” Espejo criticized. Parallel to meetings like the one in the Catalan capital this Monday, the unions intend to maintain contacts with different political forces to try to build a consensus on this issue in Congress and Madrid on 21 June between the CCOO and the UGT. To organize a composite show in .

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