Convicted of raping woman sleeping at home in Alicante

This Court of Alicante condemned seven years in prison to an accused man According to the sentence reached by this newspaper, to rape a woman who was sleeping that night in the house where he lived in Alicante. The events occurred that night. August 3, 2021 In a house located near the Alicante arena. The landlord had allowed a friend of his in the city, who had to do some chores, to stay, although the defendant, who was also a friend of the landlord, remained at home.

The verdict is of the opinion that it is proved that that night the accused and the victim drank beer on the floor and when he was asleep he jumped on the accused, embraced him and took him to one of the rooms. forced to have sex with violence. Woman ran away from home when the accused fell asleep and went to report the facts to the police.

gave room full credibility in the victim’s testimony “They have remained unchanged since the complaint was submitted to the Police Station.” The defendant denied the facts, saying that he had fallen asleep and was woken up by the Police when he got home. He claimed it was a setup. however, the Chamber stresses that there is no evidence of what interest the woman might have had in falsely accusing her of rape. The man even hinted that the victim used a ruse to obtain genetic material to incriminate himself. The defendant even used condoms to commit sexual assault.

The special prosecutor’s office also accused him illegal detention, an unproven excess for the room. “The reality of any sexual assault presupposes and requires the victim’s capacity to stand up and is part of the same assault, so it cannot be subsequently evaluated to give life to another crime of unlawful detention.”

Source: Informacion


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