Ford and Volvo lead a petition to end combustion by 2035

A coalition of 27 companies, including Volvo and Ford EuropeAll cars and vans sold from the European Union as soon as possible. 2035 should be electrical setting mandatory targets in areas such as commissioning of the charging infrastructure.

The advance to 2035, where the death of combustion in Europe was previously set at 2040, has been approved by the European Union. commission Environment of the European Parliament must be approved by June. European Parliament and EU governments. 27 companies think this progress is the only way to achieve zero emissions mobility from this year 2050 and improve the continent’s energy securitybecause a third of the oil imported into Europe is for the production of fuel for automobiles.

They argue that this decision must be accompanied by robust and mandatory regulations for the installation of chargers so that automakers and other industries can work with clear targets and customers can trust electric mobility. Spanish auto industry, through employers AnfacHe argued that the new history did not build trust, especially because of the lack of these regulations. Anfac argued that additional public measures will be necessary to prepare for this horizon, tools”same level of demand if you want its fulfillment to be possible”. These measures should enable the deployment of charging points with new “ambitious but binding” targets.

In this line, Stuart RowleyThe head of Ford of Europe claims that policymakers should set mandatory targets to enable a charging infrastructure.without cracks”. In addition to Ford Europe and Volvowhose CEO Jim Rowanreminded that “the window of opportunity is closing fast to avoid the worst effects of global warming” and that Europe must now do it”confirming its leadership in climate action”, they sign the Allego petition; An Article; Arrival; average; Ball; Fee Point; curries; Danfoss; EVBox; FastNed; Green Way; Grundfos; iberdrola; Rental Plan; Li-Cycle; Novo Nordisk; Sanofi; SAP Laboratories in France; Solar Group; Tesco; Uber; Unilever; Vattenfall; Vulcan and Zurich.

Chargers scarce and poorly distributed in Europe

According to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, in Europe 374,000 chargers According to EY consulting firm, more than three million electricity, one charger for every 8.71 cars. These chargers, in addition to being few, are irregularly arranged. 66% Percentage of the total distributed between the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom with a target of advancing the ban on sales of internal combustion cars by 2030. According to a study by Euroelectric, at the current growth rate of electricity, they will need it in 2030. 65 million chargers56 million of which need to be installed in homes, parking lots and workplaces, nine million public chargers.

In Spain, by the end of 2021, according to Anfac, 13.411 general chargerMore than 5,000 are distributed between Catalonia and the Community of Madrid. In total, only 1.606 to offer higher powers 22kwtherefore, the bulk of the offer is not suitable for long trips because these are slow chargers – with a minimum charge time of three hours – and there are only 109 of them. 150kw or more. Anfaç states that 4,866 points were established in 2021, “four times less growth than necessary To keep up with the market growth.

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