Cuba considers the measures taken by the US to alleviate the situation on the island “limited” but “correct”

government Cuba He described the measures adopted by Washington that would allow more group trips to the island, although “very limited in scope”, as “positive”. send money order from United States of America To a country that sees immigration money as one of the engines of its sick economy.

The U.S. also announced adjustments to the regulations for dollar-denominated transactions with the non-state sector, which was taken as a sign of relief by the small private sector. management Joe Biden decided to restart the program. family reunionThis will speed up the visa process at a delicate moment in bilateral relations: around 115,000 citizens have left Cuban territory since the beginning of the year.

“It is possible to identify some of President Biden’s promises to mitigate the inhumane decisions taken by the Presidential administration during the 2020 election campaign. Tightening the blockade to unprecedented levels at the start of the pandemic, Donald Trump said in a statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that the announcements “do not change the blockade in any way” or that “the main aspects of the economic fence” being drawn are. “It does not reverse the arbitrary and fraudulent inclusion of Cuba in the U.S. State Department’s list of countries where Cuba has allegedly sponsored the U.S. State Department. terrorism“It is one of the main reasons for the difficulties Cuba faces in its commercial and financial transactions in many parts of the world,” he said.

Everyday life, according to Washington, “will allow remittances to flow more freely to the Cuban people, without enriching those who commit human rights abuses”. This way, the $1,000 limit for family remittances in the current quarter will be gone. In contrast, donations (non-family) remittances will be allowed to “support independent Cuban entrepreneurs”.

No significant changes

Although a “limited step”, Havana He believes it is going “in the right direction” and responds not only to the accusations his diplomacy has made in international forums, but also to “the appeals of US society and Cubans living in that country.”

According to the Government of President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the gesture announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not eliminate “openly hostile language accompanied by traditional slander and new fallacies that have been fashionable in recent months”. For Cuba, this shows that the “purposes” and “main means” of US policy towards the regime have not changed. Bilateral disputes have one more addition these days: the Summit of the Americas should begin on June 6 in Los Angeles. This White House Nicaragua has expressed its desire to exclude Venezuela and Cuba from this hemispherical meeting. Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia and Chile have voiced their objections to this possibility.

The faces of the crisis

The economic and social situation in the largest of the Antilles is poised to explode. This July 11 explosion exhibited an unprecedented discontent on the streets. Many people who took to the streets to express their discontent were prosecuted and sentenced to severe punishments that deserve international condemnation.

For Havana, these shows alone have not outstripped North Americans. Authorities,increase in immigration only to the effects of Washington’s policies, not to the blunders of the domestic economy. Without exaggeration, the consequences of this siege could be described as devastating.” The great novelty of the unstoppable flow of people leaving the island is that they no longer cross the 90 nautical miles separating Cuba from the United States. The vast majority of these people, like Central American immigrants, enter North American territory from Mexico.

“The Government of Cuba reiterates its willingness to initiate a respectful dialogue on an equal footing with the Government of the United States. United Nationswithout interference in internal affairs and with full respect for independence and sovereignty,” the official message finally states.

Source: Informacion


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