Seven items you can no longer buy on Mercadona

We usually tell you that Mercadona is constantly replenishing its stock of products. New products come in, other products disappear, it annoys many, and it goes on and on. In most cases, consumers do not know whether the product has been used or not. discontinued or simply, it is no longer sold in your area, because Valencia supermarkets also divide products into sections. In other words, you can find an item in a Mercadona in Castellón but not an item in Cádiz.

Therefore, social networks and especially excitementIt has become a tool for Mercadona’s “bosses” to learn that they can no longer find the product they are looking for.

discontinued products

Thus, we have learned in recent days that corn and vegetable pancakes The Hacendado brand will no longer be sold. same thing happened with olives with mojo and with it fig and date breaddisappeared from the product range.

For some, the pandemic is over and it has become synonymous with bad news. Bad news because for Rocio dragon fruit smoothie (Dragon fruit).

Another food that you can no longer find on the shelves of the Valencia chain is: baguette for baking. @RuizTo points out that they’re very good for people with multiple allergies, but got a negative response.

They also suffered some significant losses in the perfumery division. aloe vera skin gel It’s a disappointment for @Francijco_, who emphasizes “clean and lasting scent, creamy texture…”. And finally, it stopped marketing too. My Soul Supreme is the perfume for her.

Latest news from Mercadona

As we mentioned, there are many discontinued products from Mercadona, but there are also new products on sale and expanding the range of supermarkets. Juan Roig.

In this case we are talking about frozen cauliflower crumbsA 450 gram bag with a price of 1.50 Euro or cream pie 5 euros. We continue with sweet lovers, there are some innovations cocoa covered palm trees. The bags bring nine units for a price of 1.60 euros.

Some new for the most carnivorous customers Meatballs in Sauce comes prepared in a box (1.40 euros).

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