Telegram: Wives of Azov warriors accused “Ukrainian traitors” of betraying their husbands

The wives of the Azov warriors said that the settlements around Mariupol were surrendered by “Ukrainian traitors.” The Telegraph writes about it.

One of the women believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allowed the Russian army to seize the cities around Mariupol. Also, according to him, the commander of one of the naval brigades “was in close contact with the Russians.”

“He turned out to be a traitor and was captured by the Russians even when the marines had weapons to fight,” he says.

Also, another wife of one of the militants said that “Azov” was ready to besiege, but hoped that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located near Mariupol, could survive, but this did not happen. A third woman said her husband is currently in bad shape.

Earlier it became known that the spouses of two members of the Ukrainian national battalion “Azov”. meet In the Vatican with Pope Francis. The women are also hoping to visit the UK to seek help from Boris Johnson, but have yet to receive a visa.

Source: Gazeta


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