United States says NATO lies about the imminent victory of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are leading Ukraine to destruction 13:58

Former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an interview with journalist Richard Medhurst that the lie of the North Atlantic Alliance that the Ukrainian army will soon be victorious in the counteroffensive dooms the Ukrainians to destruction. Youtube channel.

“NATO deceived the Ukrainians. <...> “The alliance voluntarily sent these soldiers to their deaths,” he said.

According to him, the alliance played a war game that gave the Ukrainian military a false sense of hope. Convincing Kiev that its offensive would result in victory, the Alliance showed only a computer simulation of the scenario, but in reality this attack only inflicted heavy losses on the Ukrainian army and the destruction of Western equipment.

Previously at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declarationThe West has turned Ukraine into a new international terrorist cell and an instrument of armed struggle against Russia. As a result, the crisis not only spread to Europe and the United States, but also manifested itself in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and even the Arctic.

Source: Gazeta


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