New aggression at dawn in Vigo: A child arrested for beating another person and sending him to intensive care unit

This attacks held in the walking areas by young people in the middle of the street. vigo they become one weekend after another. In recent months, several particularly serious cases have been reported. And the last of these features occurred in the Montero Ríos area, early last Friday-Saturday, when a 15-year-old minor was arrested for allegedly beating and throwing another 17-year-old boy to the ground. Due to the severity of his head injuries, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, where he remained on Saturday without further information about his condition. Apparently, the victim was going to run into a stairwell area..

The National Police, who made the arrest, claimed responsibility for the investigation. According to official sources from the Vigo police station, the incidents took place at around 1:30 am on Vigo street in the center, when two teenagers’ paths crossed and were about to engage in a shootout. It was not disclosed whether they knew each other. One of them, a 15-year-old, hit the other in the face, and the second fell to the ground, hurting him and causing him to be transferred to the Vigo health center in serious condition. Since the alleged aggressor is a minor, the incident is under the responsibility of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

On and around the same morning, the Local Police had to intervene as a violent fight was recorded in Praza da Estrela, which was recorded in the bottle kept there. The fact is that such fights were triggered. The latest crime statistics of the Ministry of Interior for 2021, after the logical decrease in cases that occurred during the quarantine period enforced by the coronavirus, attacks and fights increased by 45%. Injury is definitely one of the most increasing crimes in the city of Olívica.

In addition to the case recorded this weekend, which forced this child to be admitted to hospital, among the most serious cases in recent months is the beating of two young people on Hernán Cortés street, near María Berdiales, in January. Forensically, two Ourensei football players—one went to prison but is on parole. That same month, another night fight in Churruca led to another Dominican Republic-born man being jailed for stabbing and injuring two children. And in March, a young boy who was attacked in Praza da Princesa while trying to mediate between a friend and the attacker had to be treated by a maxillofacial surgeon.

Forensic case of January beating forensic report awaited

One of the most reported attacks in the media this year was the attack on two teenagers on Hernán Cortés street in January. The Vigo 8th Investigation Court has launched an investigation against two Ourense football players who are alleged to be the perpetrators of the beating recorded on a mobile phone by a neighbor. The main defendant, Gregorio GR, was arrested and sent to prison, but later released him when the judge ruled that the injuries did not put the most seriously injured man’s life at risk. This order was upheld after specific charges were appealed. The reason is currently awaiting forensic report on the recovery time and possible consequences of the injuries.

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