New ships join the quest for Titan that will run out of oxygen

Two new ships from Canada and France arrived in the Atlantic region they were looking for this Thursday. diver to TitanShe disappeared during an expedition to the remnants of the Titanic, and the U.S. Coast Guard isn’t throwing in the towel even though the deadline given by the agency itself for estimating the end of oxygen on board has already passed.

Experts have set this Thursday at 07:08 local time (13:08 peninsular time in Spain) as the approximate threshold of five people traveling on board. Titan would run out of oxygen. The submarine disappeared on Sunday and without any opening, the survivability margin on board is estimated at 96 hours.

The search continues by sea and by air. The French ship ‘L’Atalante’ and the Canadian ‘Horizon Arctic’ deployed their own robots. The last ship has reached the bottom of the seaAccording to the US Coast Guard.

Coast Guard spokesman John Mauger confirmed in an interview with NBC News on Thursday that “search and rescue efforts are ongoing” and said there was a factor, as well as the scientific data that could be gathered. “I want to live”. For now, the only clue was some underwater sounds of unknown origin.

There is the British businessman and adventurer Stockton Rush, the founder of the company that organizes these expeditions on Titan. Hamish HardingFrench explorer Paul Henry Nargeolet, Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleiman.

Source: Informacion


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