Chanel: Finally Spain found a professional at the top of Eurovision

We have to go back to 1995 to find a better position for Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, where Anabel Conde took second place with ‘Vuelvemigo’. Now, After 27 years of bitter results In most cases, we were in the second half of the table, or directly the last, as with Manel Navarro in 2017, the Spanish representative, Chanel Terrero Moved to third place with ‘SloMo’ recommendation.

The artist took the stage with a winning demeanor, distributing charisma, showing off her butt, and choreographing and staging the song with sheer perfection. There is not a single mistake in the number, there is no small glitch. Chanel gave confidence, she danced and sang magnificentlyHer interpretation combined the difficulty of moving at a frenzied pace without losing her vocal tone, something she did without apparent effort. He could even bend himself to say that the intonation was always on point, undistorted, and strong.

Chanel’s performance inevitably drew attention in a year marked by balladons and medium tempos. It was one of the most catchy and danceable songs of this edition, and it was visually stunning. For once, the staging of Spain was instrumental. A strong dance troupe, a strong choreography, Chanel’s totemic presence in her crystal dress from Palomo Spain, and lighting effects that allow time to be speeded up or slowed down.

male and plain print

It’s been a few diva years. A very masculine and hetero print. The first two positions are occupied by men. The first woman at the table was Chanel, followed by Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs, who defended a beautiful song alone on stage with her impressive voice. Among so many ballad-singers, it is not surprising that the Greek representative came to the fore with the conceptual performance of Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord, who is in eighth place, and Serbian Konstrakta, one of the surprises of this number. ‘In Corpore Sano’ took fifth place in the notice.

Konstrakta was one of the few pleasant surprises overnight. winners are always from the beginning. Unsurprisingly, Ukraine swept the vote (439 points) and beat second-placed UK’s Sam Ryder by almost 200 points.

It was a conditional victory. Kalush Orchestra’s song ‘Stefania’ would certainly not have made it to the semi-finals had the country not been involved in a war. The public turned to support the occupied country and celebrated the electro-folk mix that appeals to its cultural roots with a rapper touch. But the song was the smallest. They could present any topic and they would win the same.despite the fact that professional juries of different countries did not place it as a favourite.

unpredictable vehicle

Televoting has proven to be one of the most unpredictable tools in the Eurofan universe. The same as refined offering and figurative hand washing from Serbia scores 225, with Moldovans and their prehistoric ska reaching 253 points. The biggest loser of all these ups and downs was undoubtedly Italy.. Mahmood and Blanco were always among the favourites, with their beautiful song ‘Brividi’. However performance was not up to par He didn’t show the chemistry that characterized them while winning Sanremo. This may be the best song of the festival, but at this point it doesn’t matter anymore.

The Chanel effect crashed social networks yesterday. Artist He even won those who looked down on him Rigoberta Bandini When you win at Benidorm Fest. He proved himself above the ridiculous arguments and focused on his job, what he had to do. And always with a smile.

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