AI to win League of Legends

While most still do not associate them with an intellectual activity, the truth is that many video game can be current complex or more than chess. This strategy calculations or the analysis of opponents necessary to win games or level up takes hours of preparation so that the ‘profession’ram‘ is becoming one of the best paid in the industry, before the avalanche of amateurs wanting to improve their records or even become professionals.

In this regard, it is not surprising that initiatives are starting to emerge, as suggested by the Alicante initiative. GBeastsa developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a chatbot who does their duties trainer to help players improve all their skills. Thus, with the techniques Big Data and ‘Machine Learning’Agravain – as this virtual ‘coach’ is christened – has the ability to analyze the subscriber’s recordings and compare them with other players’ recordings to advise him on what to do differently and what to improve.

For now, they’ve focused on what is undoubtedly the king of online video games. League of LegendsIt comes from Riot Games, but they are already making specific releases for Counter Strike: Go and Valorant.

Pablo Campos, right, with the rest of the team from the Alicante start. AXEL ALVAREZ

The idea to launch this platform came from technology consulting. let’s join It is led by Pablo Campos, who specializes in data analysis and artificial intelligence. “We are planning to develop a project in a sector in Turkey. international growth and scalability, focused on individuals and able to generate steady income. And we looked at what was happening in video games and eSports,” says Campos.

As the manager points out, the brands’ main commercial ‘target’ – the population between the ages of 15 and 35 – is increasingly abandoning traditional entertainment “and focusing their leisure time on entertainment. Social networks such as Twitch or YouTube and eSports and such competition».

It’s hard to calculate the numbers this business is starting to pick up on, but last October it was just League of Legends there was more 180 million active players worldwide. Competitions of this game are multiplying all over the planet, and in North America or Korea the salaries of professional players are millionaires, with signatures that have nothing to envy to traditional sports competitions.

These professionals have their own analysts and advisors – even academies – but the company sees a huge market niche in all fans who want to raise their ratings either out of pride or because they desire to get into these leagues someday. “There are many video game players, just as there are people who pay for racquet or tennis lessons to play better after eight hours of work. willing to pay for this type of service», explains Campos.

For now, the company’s platform is already accessible. beta -which they’ve already reached 500 active users- and when they start marketing on the system it will come this summer ‘free‘. In other words, there will be a free version with ads and a version with a paid subscription and more features.

In addition, by the end of the year, they hope to have a version of their coach ready for the teams, which will allow them to follow their opponents and even ‘recon’, i.e. to make signings for other players. Complements the skills of the rest of the formation. They already have a database of over 30,000 players’ attributes. So far the firm has been financed with its own resources, but the company is currently preparing its own budget. first round of fundingAccording to the CEO, it aims to raise 400,000 euros.

Regarding estimates, Pablo Campos thinks it is possible to reach more than 10,000 users in Spain alone, although his plans include a strong presence in France, Germany, Poland, Latin America and the United States.


The company’s development caught the attention of Microsoft, who included it in its program. Microsoft for ‘Beginners’this will give you access to a range of technological tools.

You will also have the credit to host your entire architecture in the cloud of the firm founded by Bill Gates. The company is also part of the technological ‘centre’ introduced by Generalitat Valenciana in the Digital District, Alicante, where it is headquartered.

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