Submarine carrying tourists to see the remains of the Titanic disappeared

The disappearance of a submarine, often carrying tourists to see the remains of the Titanic, a rescue operationThe Boston Coast Guard said on Monday (Massachusetts, United States of America) to the British BBC and American CBS.

According to the Coast Guard, It is not known whether there were passengers on the submarine, and if so how many.

EFE contacted the Boston Coast Guard but was unable to obtain details of what had happened.

Several companies offer multi-day trips to see the remains of the Titanic.located at a depth of about 3,800 meters and About 640 kilometers from the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

Ocean Gate ExpeditionsThe company that organizes one such expedition recently announced on its website and social networks that an expedition has “started” to see the remains of the Titanic.

On June 14, the company said on Twitter that it used communications company Starlink to keep the line of communication open with the expedition to the Titanic.

On the company’s website, Seven-day expeditions announced to view the wreck of the Titanic The price is said to be around $250,000.

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