A few days ago TVE announced One of the best kept secrets about Spain’s candidacy Eurovision: suit Chanel The outfit that the singer will wear on stage in Turin – this has been seen before at rehearsals – Designed by Palomo SpainCurrently one of the most sought after designers.

A member of the ‘Sewing Masters’ jury explained what the piece consisted of: “I designed a lycra and tulle jumpsuit made on her body and she has very sexy openings on her legs, like a slit body, and the body has a square neck”. “all made by hand. Both the black leather jacket with very prominent shoulder pads like that of the light suit, and the embroideries he wears. Great job by my entire team and we worked thousands of hours. Even my mom and aunt sewed crystals!” Palomo stated.

However, the gorgeous look wasn’t to everyone’s liking, as the most critical sector of social networks took notice.similar to the costumes of bullfighters. Although fashion is affected by many influences, some users They were launched to negatively evaluate that the Spanish representative chose the dream of bullfighting.

Palomo wanted to settle the matter by explaining what his design references really were: “It looks more like a Goya jacket than a bullfighter’s jacket, but criticism is always easy because we often don’t understand the history or culture.”He resoundsly confirms in statements made to the Gtres agency.