Was Israel expelled from Eurovision? The whole truth about Ben David’s controversial kiss to Laura Pausini

This candidate Israel from Eurovision 2022 He starred in a controversial voice on Thursdayafter going live kiss on the cheek Laura Pausino and Alessandro Cattelan, two of the premiere’s presenters. It was one of the most commented moments of the competition festival’s second semi-final and continues to generate controversy today, Saturday, even hours before the finale.

In particular, during the break between performances and voting, the hosts of the gala approached the venue (Green Room). While following the planned scenario, Israeli representative Ben David jokingly sneaked onto the plane with a glass in his hand and he finally tried to kiss Pausini, without success, and then Cattelan.

The hosts gave or showed no sign of dissatisfaction with this completely unexpected appearance, even as they played along and joked with him as he continued the script.

This show of affection would not please the organization of the competition, and there are media guaranteeing that he will be disqualified on the pretext that he did not receive support in Thursday’s semi-finals. Again, Eurovision sources that Yotele consulted deny this fact and assure that the nomination will be voted on in the final.Something that would not have been possible had he been fired.

At the press conference after the semi-finals, the two hosts, after being asked what it was, were not bothered by or had a bad experience with Ben David’s kiss, but also assured: The controversy that ensued seemed completely disproportionate and unnecessary.

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