Chanel invites you to imagine: this was her performance at the Eurovision 2022 semi-final 2 rehearsal

The countdown has begun for Chanel’s performance in the final. festival Eurovision 2022 it’s coming to an end. representative of Spain returned to the stage at the PalaOlímpico in Turin in the ‘Jury show’ of this issue’s second semi-finalA performance published on the YouTube account of the official channel of the competition.

In three minutes of this rehearsal that took place last Wednesday, Chanel has the best pass since arriving in the Italian cityshines once again before the public participating in this general technical test. In general, the singer was very good throughout the entire performance, once again demonstrating her great talent for dancing and singing at the same time.

Next Saturday, Spain representative will take the stage Turin’s Rowing Alpitour to showcase your performance with ‘Slo mo’It stands out with many changes that it will have when compared to the change it has made. first editionBenidorm Festival‘. The proposal became even more Spanish with some very elaborate and careful planning and lighting.

beside Suit designed by Cordovan designer Palomo SpainThe red and yellow colors of our country’s flag took part in a performance that saved the ‘kinetic sun’ problem of the stage. Changes to the instrumental structure of the song, fans and pyrotechnics They became part of this test, where Chanel and her dance crew (Exon Arcos, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurín and Ria Pérez) shine again.

To be more specific, the changes are especially in the last part of the issue, A choreography in the final choir. Particularly noteworthy is Chanel’s solo, with a progression of ascending notes in acute notes.guaranteeing the versatility and vocal qualities of the singer and dancer.

During the 3-minute performance of the May 14 performance, A total of 18 cameras were used out of 24 available cameras More than 70 shots highlighting and focusing on the talent, energy and magnetism of our Spanish representative at the show and at Eurovision.

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