Explosion in electricity self-consumption: Province added 2,067 new installations in just three months

Installation companies they are not enough There is a shortage of qualified personnel and the demand is increasing exponentially, stock cuts in some components, while everything is pointing Recruitment rate will continue to increase over the next few months. This has been the case in the renewable energy sector since last year. electricity pricescompanies and individuals turned their eyes to the world. self consumption as the only way to save on bills and balance your costs.

Thus, last year’s number facilities launch nearly triples those of 2020 – from 1.692 to 4.697– and this year, that figure could double again if at least the first quarter rate is maintained. And according to the latest balance sheet of the Ministry of Economy, Between January and March Registered in the registry kept by the General Directorate of Industry 2,067 more installations a new record in the province.

With these additions, the total number of active installations launched in Alicante since this registration in 2019 they have already added up to 8,756Almost all of them have photovoltaic panels, except for two small hydroelectric mills. Small biogas or diesel cogeneration plants have also been built, for example in Castellón or València.

Solar panels in an industry in the province.

In this way, these infrastructures are already capable of producing a nearly rated power. 83 megawattsaccording to the same sources, equivalent to approximate annual consumption 50,000 householdsaccording to the equivalences generally used in the industry.

From the total registered installations, 85% are located in residences. and lonely 15% in industries, public buildings or other types of use, but the figures vary if it is power being analyzed. In this case, local self-consumption takes only 42% of the energy produced, compared to 58% used for economic activities; this makes sense considering that those used for economic activities are much larger.

Regarding the regional distribution, elche700 pieces in total, Alicante (586), orihuela (496) and St. Vincent (426) are the municipalities with the largest volume of self-consumption infrastructure in the province and in the entire Valencian Community.

A profitable investment

Although the measures approved by the government this Friday mean a significant reduction in the bill, businessmen in the industry do not expect demand to decline. On the contrary, they were convinced will continue to rise at least a few more years until it stabilizes. “Even if prices allegedly drop to around 100 or 120 euros, they will continue to be four to five times more than industries are used to paying. But on top of that, businessmen have also realized that. they cannot depend on the fluctuations of the marketThey need stability in energy costs. “This is achieved through self-consumption,” says Marcos Lacruz, president of the Valencian Association of Energy Sector Companies (Avaesen). disadvantage with other competitors“, the industry representative insists.

Statements shared by Luis Navarro, the manager of Solar Covering company in Benidorm, cheaper Who has experienced this technology? Thus, according to him, a medium-sized industrial facility Fully amortized in just two years. According to him, the next step, once the installation of the panels is widespread, will be the use of batteries to store energy and provide a stable supply throughout the day; it’s an option companies like him already offer.

So the biggest problem in the industry right now is slowing sales. supplieswhich causes some stock breakage especially in domestic installations and also lack of qualified personnel. “There’s something missing in everything: electricians, installers, installers… And that hasn’t started yet with the construction of large-plan solar farms,” ​​says Navarro.

Consell subsidizes 187 projects in the state

Valencia Institute for Business Competitiveness (Ivace) will support a total of 187 electricity self-consumption projects through subsidies it will maintain for this purpose in companies in the province of Alicante, which will amount to an expenditure of 4.26 million. euro. This year’s call had an important innovation, as projects will now be financed with a non-refundable subsidy compared to the reimbursed aid formula that Ivace uses. 444 grants worth 9.1 million will be awarded across the entire autonomy.

To this must be added the assistance included in the European Plan for Improvement, Transformation and Resilience, of which Ivace will manage a further 31.7 million for the entire Community, and has already received 2,211 applications, 825 of which are in the province of Alicante. In addition, self-consumption projects of municipalities will be subsidized by three million. So far, 25 out of a total of 66 projects received by the Ministry in Alicante and currently under evaluation have been submitted.

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