“Feeding the military is important”: Lukashenka talks about what special operations taught her

Special Operations Lessons

“Obviously, at that time we saw our army and, above all, our army’s weapons in a different way. And again, frankly, Russia’s military operation in Ukraine taught us a lot. From the first day of this operation, I asked the leadership of the Ministry of Defense for all of you, taking into account the lessons of the war, to decide, God forbid, what kind of war will be in Belarus and what kind of war will be. weapons we will need for our army, if suddenly we have to take up arms to defend your country, leads to “SB. Belarus today” Lukashenka’s words at a meeting on the state defense order for 2022.

He noted that thanks to the lessons learned, the approach of the country’s leadership to the size and armament of the Belarusian army has changed.

“Currently, this agenda is more relevant than ever. “The events in Ukraine clearly show that only troops with modern and highly effective weapons, weapons, life support, fuel and food necessary for our region can solve the tasks,” he said.

Lukashenka added that his country has always attached great importance to the availability of modern machine guns, tanks and aircraft. But events in Ukraine show that “no less important is the supply of the military, the timely delivery of ammunition and the establishment of medical stations.”

“Logistic support in a modern, ostensibly super-revolutionary, modernized army plays a crucial role today, as it did before,” he concluded.

No one should be surprised

Recalling the large-scale NATO exercises on the Belarusian border, Lukashenka noted that there are various frauds, allegations and assumptions regarding this.

“I never hid and never hid: the Minister of Defense, the General Staff was tasked – we must foresee everything. First we have to see what is happening in neighboring countries, border guards give a lot of information, State Security Committee. The army sees what’s going on. Intelligence should work. No one should surprise us – the lesson of the last war. We are not aggressive, we will not attack anyone, but gunpowder should not only be kept dry for the future, even today we must keep our ears open. “We need to see and respond to what our competitors are doing near our borders.”

For him, this is the meaning of the sudden inspection of the Belarusian Armed Forces, which began last week.

“Imagine aggression. How will it be carried out from the west or south area? We see several scenarios. And according to these scenarios, if things turn out like that, God forbid, we must respond. Sub-units and units are immediately tasked with advancing from place to place, blocking roads and the direction of possible enemy movement. This is how we work today,” he said.

local manufacturer

The President of Belarus is sure that when equipping the army, you need to trust a domestic manufacturer.

“The military-industrial complex is one of the most important high-tech sectors of the Belarusian economy. And of course we have to trust the domestic arms manufacturer. Automatic command and control equipment, developments of AGAT holding, optics produced by Peleng and BelOMO, and tractors produced by MZKT continue to be well-known domestic brands.

According to him, radio-electronic means of combating unmanned aerial vehicles created by Belarusian specialists have gained wide acceptance in the world market.

“Electronics was one of the smart sectors of the economy for us during the Soviet era. See how useful it has been for us today. Good thing everything was saved. The Polonaise missile system, the Buk-MB medium-range anti-aircraft missile system – often handsome, showing very good reliability and efficiency – and missiles, grenade launchers, small arms and ammunition for this testifies to serious scientific and production backlog. our defense industry complex,” he said.

The President also drew attention to the work on the creation of robotic weapons, unmanned attack systems and anti-tank guided missiles. Lukashenka added that the troops received the latest Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems, Opponent, Sopka, Vostok, Rosa radar stations, Groza electronic warfare systems.

In addition, Lukashenka announced agreements with Russia on assistance to Minsk in the field of rocket production. According to him, agreements were reached with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And now in Belarus they are creating the rocket model of the Russian Alexander.

“In my presence, the president has set the task. [главе «Роскосмоса»] The President of Belarus emphasized for urgent support to Dmitry Rogozin so that we do not create a bike so that we can use the experience of the developers of rocket scientists of the Russian Federation, who made Alexander.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that the country’s authorities have learned lessons from Russia’s military special operation. Therefore, Minsk took a new look at the principles of arming his army. According to Lukashenko, events in Ukraine show that only troops with modern high-impact weapons can solve the assigned tasks.

Source: Gazeta


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