The eSports industry is looking for its quarry in Alicante

This weekend 52 players was from there 20 universities The Spaniards will compete at the Digital District facilities in Alicante. Amazon University eSports Finalscompetition organized by technology GGTechbecame one of the pioneers of this start-up business in Spain. An event accompanied by the celebration of conferences and coexistence activities. University Campplus one”hackathon“Young people will be able to present their suggestions for the creation of new tools for the sector.

In total, they are expected to participate more than 200 people at all scheduled events intended by the organizers to encourage the hearth ability that any new activity needs. Not just the quarry future stars competition, but also to the rest of the pros, so that all gears of the business work: developers from games, event organizers or “ram“The one who accompanies professional players and helps develop them.

This is stated by Alberto Martín, GGTech Business Development director; Andrea Asensi, Amazon University Esports project manager; and the Digital Zone coordinator, Santiago Ambit, during the presentation of the event, a few minutes before the official start of the competition.

Santiago Ambit, Andrea Asensi and Alberto Martín in the Digital Zone in Alicante. Axel Alvarez

As Ambit recalls, eSports is one of Generalitat’s technology center’s major commitments to promoting the development of the video game industry in the Valencian Community. According to the data of DEV, the industry’s main employers’ association, a sector 1.105 million billed euro in 2020 and hopes to double that figure in just four years by 2024.

In this sense, eSportsthat is, online video game competitions have become a form of entertainment capable of combining with growing repercussions, especially among young people. million viewers Via platforms like Youtube or Twitch.

In case of league organized by GGTech, amateur character and where some are distributed Award in the form of a scholarship of 80.000 Euromore joined the edition that just ended this weekend 2,500 players from 70 universities According to Andrea Asensi, all Spanish geography

Since its launch in Spain seven editions ago, the firm has expanded the competition by: Different countries. Thus, they are already available in Latin America. Mexican -where they have “headquarters” for the region-, Chile, Colombia or ArgentinaThey are also preparing new offices here. They settled in Europe Italy, England, France, Germany, Poland and TurkeyLeague already available in Africa and the Middle East Morocco, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. According to business development director Alberto Martín, the company is now poised to attack the North American market.

parents and teachers

The administrator pointed out that the mindset of parents and teachers about video games is slowly starting to change. Thus, among the first, they begin to accept the possibility of their child having another. dedicate yourself professionally to this activity as in physical sport; educators use video games ally in approaching students or facilitating learning as stated by the manager reminding that the firm carries out various activities and competitions with vocational training centers or institutes.

Regarding the challenges of this new industry, Martín states that the main question is “ recruitment and development of talent“So, from the professionals necessary for the growth of the industry, which includes all kinds of profiles, from the players themselves, to software developers or event managers.

In this sense, initiatives such as the “hackathon” that will be held this weekend aim to increase young people’s interest in the work and encourage more students to see it as a possible professional opportunity.

On the other hand, Digital Region coordinator Santiago Ambit, return from filming to Ciudad de la Luz, Following the authorization from Brussels, it presents an opportunity for synergies to develop between the film industry and the video game industry. In this regard, the Director of Business Development at GGTech recently recalled agreement of this company with Metro Goldwyn Mayerfully, developing collaborative content.

Although originally from Madrid, one of GGTech’s main headquarters is located in the Digital District, where he founded the company Dodit in collaboration with the technology center to promote the video game industry. It has more than 200 employees, of whom more than 80 work in Alicante, where the Amazon University Esports league is run.

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