Israeli Army attacks attendees of slain Al Jazeera reporter’s funeral in Jerusalem

Violence did not stop after Shirin Abu Aqleh was killed. During Al Jazeera reporter’s funeral killed this wednesday Heavily armed Israeli agents attacked the participants by throwing sound bombs. Dozens of Palestinians leaving the hospital with a coffin on their shoulders were repeatedly beaten by Israeli police. the coffin almost falls to the ground. The suddenness of Israel’s actions astonished the people who were deeply grieving.

“This sheer immorality Hanan Sharawi, a Palestinian lawmaker and historical activist, said on Twitter that it is appalling that Israeli forces stormed the hospital, beat the beatings and prevented them from carrying Shireen’s coffin to the final resting place. Israeli forces He insisted that Abu Aqleh’s coffin be removed in a hearse, but Palestinian mourners they refused. Companions and foreigners wanted to carry the deceased on their shoulders until they reached the cemetery, as is customary for Palestinian martyrs killed by Israel. Faced with rejection, Israeli agents responded: stun grenades.

Thus, they surrounded the burial participants inside the hospital until they put Abu Akleh’s body in a hearse. The iconic Al Jazeera reporter was to leave the French Saint Louis Hospital in East Jerusalem’s occupied Sheikh Jarrah district, where his body had spent the night. On the shoulders of his compatriots, he had to reach the gate of Jaffa in the Old City of Jerusalem, his hometown. Funeral in the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin. Abu Akleh, 51, will be buried next to his deceased parents at the Protestant Mount Zion Cemetery.

Thousands of attendees expected They attended the funeral of this leading journalist of the Arab world and they did not fail. His murder by a bullet attributed to Israeli forces in Jenin on Wednesday shocked the planet and the journalism profession. This Friday, the day of mourning, has mutated again. anger and rage day. It gathered dozens of Palestinians around the world to see images of Israeli violence at such a sensitive moment as “ugly”, “totally racist and disgusting”, “I’m in shock”. One Twitter user asked, “How can this be self-defense?” she wondered.

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