Why is Australia participating in Eurovision?

same as him fire on stagegay divas” and techno balladsthe question is Why is Australia participating? Eurovision became one fixed in every issue of the european song festival. And although this is the truth Australia is not the only non-European country to participate in Eurovision In recent years, the question remains in the air, because most participants It draws attention with its geographical distance to Europe.

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel and, of course, Australia are the countries participating in the agreement. Eurovision Song Contest as associate members. In other words, the states that are not included in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and still participate in the festival.

Australia became the first country to participate in Eurovision without being a member of the EBU in 2015.. And since its debut in this print one of the few countries that has never withdrawn from the festivalAlong with Spain, Moldova and Azerbaijan.

Despite the more than 14,000 kilometers separating Australia from Europe, the ocean country participates in Eurovision every year. Australians are very fond of the festival. A surprising fact about this passion for eurovision here’s the thing Australian public television (SBS) has been broadcasting Eurovision for 35 yearsits first retransmission was neither more nor less with data from 1983. mass Wonderful. Cultural and political ties with Europe are the main reasons explaining this phenomenon.

However Australian Eurofandom definitely started in 2014It is the year Danish public television DR, which hosted Eurovision that year, invited a representative of the Australian public network SBS to perform during the festival break. Jessica Mauboy’s performance was so well received that more than 2.7 million Australians watched the event on television in their home country.

The EBU could not ignore this and In 2015, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the competition, Australia was invited to participate in Eurovision.. The country has performed uninterrupted since then, making it a huge success, making it a five-time finalist.

This year, Australia also made it to the final. He will meet the Spanish representative Chanel However, even if Australia wins the festival, regulations will prevent it from holding the festival on its territory. So in 2016 an agreement was signed between Australia and Iceland’s public broadcaster, where Icelanders will co-host the next edition of the festival if Australia wins Eurovision.

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