Finland sees no direct military threat from Russia

Finland’s permanent representative to NATO, Klaus Korhonen, said Finland currently does not see a direct military threat from Russia. This has been reported TASS With a link to CNN.

As Korhonen told the TV channel, the country’s potential NATO membership could significantly change Finland’s security environment.

At the same time, he stressed that there are currently no “direct military threats” and other “non-standard activities” from Russia.

The diplomat noted that Helsinki expects possible cyberattacks and “disinformation campaigns” from Moscow.

He also added that the risk of a nuclear conflict is now minimal.

Pekka Haavisto, Former Head of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs declarationreported that the country plans to apply for official membership in the North Atlantic Alliance in the middle of next week. He noted that if the Finnish Parliament approves, the application to NATO will be made. According to him, the country is ready for any situation in the border area with the Russian Federation, but wants to remain calm there.

Source: Gazeta


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